I love Halloween!

It has been forever since I have written… I seem to go from one thing to another, without ever coming up for air.  But this year, I had 2 Halloween costumes that were created by 2 very creative people: 1st I went to a Halloween party with my helper & friend, Angie, who did Dr. Finkelstein in one style, using make-up—Angie went as Sally, Dr. Finklestein’s helper from “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Then, we had a trunk or treat at our church this weekend, but I wanted a more family-friendly costume for it, though…At 1st, I wanted to be a transformer. Then the Dr. Suess fish in a bowl.. But one day Mark joked about how when I talked, I sounded like E.T. & he had me say, “E.T. Phone home”. I DID sound like E.T.,  & the costume was born…so, Mark did ET in another style, using his own set of talents. He was Elliot, I was ET, & my niece was the moon.  I love how I can give  Mark or Angie a creative project, & say, “Here’s what I want to do…now make it look awesome!”  & they do!



BTW, I still LOVE my standing chair!  Our world & our bodies are made for standing, & it comes in handy for the smallest things (like I stood up in order to pull down the medical coat for my Dr. Finkelstein costume)! I had a tilt table (a type of standing frame), & had looked at other standing frames before the standing chair, but the fact that I needed help getting into them turned me off – & now I’d add that the lack of mobility while standing would kill me, cuz I love being able to move while standing: getting into cabinets,& going down the hall (which freaks my kids out to see me “walking” down the hall!)

Several years ago we looked into a standing wheelchair, but we were in our old house, & it wouldn’t fit in my elevator.  I was super bummed, but it was a blessing in disguise: I was not strong enough then.  I was too weak to even stand up w/o assistance, & after sitting in this chair for extended periods of time, I can see how much less support it offers…it would have exhausted me!  , This chair requires much more torso strength, which I never developed until I started taking horse (equine) therapy (which I started  later–I was like a rag doll until then!)


When I was in junior high, we ran the mile at the beginning & the end of the year, & since our grade was based on how much we improved during the year, I always walked it at the start of the year.  My dad saw me walking it one year, & I have never lived it down.  PE was never a subject where I excelled, so it was quite funny when my 1st long-term subbing job was  as a PE teacher!

Our family visited Yellowstone this weekend.  Given my history, I never thought I’d say this, but as my husband pushed me around, I got so jealous of the exercise his body got!  I’ll admit that the reason I first thought it, was because he loses so many calories that he can actually eat (I have to eat like a bird, since I don’t burn many calories…)  But then I realized that I actually miss the feeling of tiring my body, & getting sore muscles…but before I could have a “pity party”, I remembered that I found a  therapy in Nov. 2013

that does make me feel tired & sore…horse therapy, which started up again last week, & has left me so exhausted that  I can barely move for a few hours afterwards, & sore for days!  But it makes me so happy!  J

It was beautiful in Yellowstone, & we saw a lot of geysers, but I did not see even 1 animal, unless u count what I saw when we went to Bear World in Rexburg, Idaho! (Having double vision does not help me focus quick enough to see anything that is moving).  My daughter, Jessica, made this video after our trip to Yellowstone National Park  (any animals you see are from Bear World, in Idaho, which was the coolest part of our trip—the girls  got to bottle feed baby cub bears!):


“I am freakin old!”

I recently ran across this video that shares my religious beliefs, & I thought was neat, & wanted to share:

It occurred to me that things I’d normally blog about, I have written to my son on his mission instead, so I need to “catch u up.”  For instance, I never mentioned a big milestone: that I got a PHONE!  Yes, u read that correct: I got a PHONE!  An iPhone to be exact…it’s pretty cool!  My eyes still have double vision, but I assume the eye muscles have gotten stronger so my eyes line up better & I can read smaller font…Pretty cool!  I never thought I’d be able to see or speak well enough to have a PHONE!

My phone is really more for texting, but I can do phone calls (preferably Facetime, so u can see my mouth, but I have done a few calls on speakerphone!).  I can type on it, but it’s tough.  So, it’s synced w/my iPad, where I can respond to texts.

The hardest part is hearing it ring, & NOT ignoring it, because ever since 2004, I have been ignoring phone calls!  The 2nd hardest part is finding it in my wheelchair bag!  (My phone is not big & easy to find, like my iPad!  & my wheelchair bag has gotten bigger, so I’m like an old lady frantically feeling around my bag/purse, for my phone!)

Anyway,this last week, it suddenly became tough to read my texts—whether it was on my iphone or my ipad…so I went to the eye doctor, & I am officially old: I need bifocals…My shirt today agrees: instead of reading, “I am freakin cold”, it reads, “I am freakin old!”


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Mother’s Day is a bit different for me, as I usually have people feeding me anyway!


I keep being asked about what my favorite thing about my new home is…the thing that is my favorite changes from week to week, but what doesn’t change, is how it has increased my independence.  When we moved, a big reason was to make our home more accessible, cuz I’d “outgrown” our old home, & I was  banging into walls & things, as I tried to do more.  So our new home has wider spaces & hallways, & bigger & more open rooms—for example, I can TURN in our pantry!  Other ways I have discovered increased independence:

  • Drawers have been used a lot in my craft room, so I can do many things on my own in there now!
  • We have a “smart home”, so I can use my iPad to turn lights on/off, a TV on/off, regulate a thermostat if needed, see who’s at my front door & see in other places in my home, turn on music in rooms, etc.  I can even call people by name to certain rooms in our home!  While this is all great, what makes it even better is how this aids me as a mother—I can turn things down or off if my kids are being “kids,” I can turn off all the lights in our home if Mark is gone…& best of all, everything can be done from the comfort of my bed!
  • I love the kitchen because I can do SOOO much more in there now!  In fact, I just want to share that lately, I have fed myself 2 out of 3 meals!  It is so cool to feel hungry, & be able to go get myself food!  (That can be a good or a bad thing!)  I will share pictures of these 3 things that have made such a difference:
    • The sink—the spout is on the side, & it is touch-sensative, so I can finally wash my hands & some dishes (I actually like washing dishes, & since my kids think it’s gross to clean my cup out from my green smoothies, they are probably glad that I can do it now!)
    • The microwave—we have one down low, with a drawer, so I can do it– & I confess that at times I will cook popcorn in it, just cuz I can!
    • The fridge—it has a door I can use, but the best part is this has a drawer I can access, with things like fruit, veggies, hummus, babaganush,meals I can heat up, or eat cold…

2016-03-30 13.41.07

I just want to brag!

I know it’s been awhile, but I just want to brag!  Wednesday, April 27, I got myself dinner…Now, I have gotten myself some “easy” meals, but this was not just any old dinner: I put leftover burger & fries on a plate, reheated it, & gave myself a bib.  J  I love how much more independent this house allows me to be!  (More on that later!)

Concerning my kids (u may be aware of some of this, if u follow me on Facebook &/or Instagram):

Zach opened his mission call 3/31. He leaves June 1 to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will serve for 2 years in San Diego, CA mission, ASL speaking (the letter said “u will prepare to teach the gospel in ASL” ).  In my opinion, Zach has been preparing for his mission since he was 6 years old!

Saturday, April 23, my son, Zach, came home from college (BYU), & as he unpacked, I sat in his room, & held a CONVERSATION with him!  I’ve held conversations with family & friends just sitting by me, staring at my mouth, but he was able to walk around & unpack!  I’m sure it’s not all me… In fact, I KNOW it’s not!

My youngest daughter, Sophie, competed against several middle & high school show choirs, swing, & jazz choirs in a Show Choir competition on April 1st, w/ her amazing group, the Ringtones, last   They won best vocals & grand champs:

This group of girls is so motivated!  Around December. They started hanging out here, & learning songs just for fun. In February, the choir & voice teachers heard them, & got involved, realizing something could happen, & since the school had no show/swing choir, they entered this last competition as the LTMS swing choir.

I know they have practiced hard!  It was good to see the “fruit of their labors”!  & I can’t believe these girls are in 8th grade, & just started seriously practicing a month ago!  They usually practice here, & I don’t get tired of hearing them!

As for my oldest daughter, Jessie, is now 16.  She has been driving for a while (she had a hardship license–since I’m disabled, but I think the license was more of a hardship for us, cuz it rarely helped us!), &  she can now date (heaven help us)!  In fact, this weekend, she is going to “Mormon Prom.”  Last year was the 1st time I got to check it  out, & it was amazing to see EVERY girl wearing a modest prom dress!  It gave a different feel to the evening that was so wonderful!  I am glad my daughter can attend such a great event!

Also, since Mark & I have been so focused on Zach’s mission call, & Sophie’s choir competition, my other daughter, Jessica, took it into her own hands to do April Fools on us this year!  I thought u’d enjoy seeing what she did…

2016-04-02 13.55.02