Jan 6, 2005

Jenny continues to do well with the power chair. I had to put her in her non-power chair because the other was caught in a sudden rain storm. It was an interesting experinece because we both realized how much better life was with the power chair. Jenny rides around on super slow speed. It was just this week that she was able to see how fast it could go. She picked Zach up at the bus stop and he drove back on her lap at full speed. She liked it, but is still too unsure to gun it. There are a couple marks on the wall (one by me), but they are easily fixed by a little paint. It is more difficult to use in crowded areas because Jenny is unable to clearly see people dart in and out. Sophia found out that we really were serious about not touching the attendent control as she backed it over her own toes. She is fine, but hopefully wiser.

Jenny is so excited about her new teaching position with me in church. We get to teach Zach’s class and she is glad to be back in Primary. What can a woman who can not move or speak do as a teacher? Well, she already has done it. As we read the first lesson together, as we planned for next week, she kept stopping me to tell me she has made visual aids for various points of the lesson- especially the parts where we are to sing songs. I will actually have visual aids and planning involved in my lessons. I just hope I have time to find or make everything she has planned.

Jenny has been feeding herself meals with her new arm support. It is incredible as she seemed to rapidly improve from meal to meal. I found out that I was not feeding her fast enough (based on how fast she is able to eat). Appearantly, I was not splashing it on her face enough either (also based on her self feeding). She is getting better and not as messy with each meal.

We are planning on two big plane trips back-to-back. We are going on a quick trip to Austin to let Jenny see the property we bought. A few days later, we will be in Florida. This will be her first time on a plane since her stroke, so I hope we work the bugs out by the second trip.


  1. Wow, Jenny, you go girl! You sure don’t let a “little” thing like a stroke slow you down! I have to tell you that Claudia is so excited you’ll be teaching her class. Make sure she behaves herself! How exciting for you to be able to go on the planes. Does the trip to Florida mean you are going to your favorite place in the world? Have a terrific time!


  2. How awesome that you’ll be teaching Primary!! There are no limits–and for you, no excuses either! Fun to hear about your exploits with the new power wheelchair! Keep up all the good work and wonderful progress!

  3. Hey there, Jenny….I am glad to hear that you love your chair. It is so wonderful that you can do things like pick up Zach. How cool!
    I think you are the strongest person I have ever met. I think you are so inspiring. Teaching and lesson plans and visual aids. What a gift. I am glad that is somehting you and Mark can do together.
    I hope you continue to do well. I love to hear about your wonderful adventures.
    Have a good time in Austin and in Florida, everything will be fine. My friend Dennis did Hawaii this year and has done Florida and other places, It is a great time….HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
    In Love and Faith

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