This is a collection of pictures taken since the stroke, showing various stages of the early recovery. Click on any image to view an enlarged version.

Cleveland March, 2004
Taken soon after moving from ICU.

First Time Outside
At the long term acute care facility in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Sitting in in a cardiac chair. At this point, sitting was a new thing — maximum of 30 minutes a day.

At Ann Seton, April, 2004
Head being pulled strongly to the left.

Hook Rehab, April 28, 2004
Wearing “boots” to prevent foot drop. Wearing my own clothes for the first time!

Rob Amusing Jenny
Younger brother Rob building empathy as he tries out the “boots” and bed positioning. I laughed hard for the first time during this.

Dressing Mom
Sophie dresses mom in jewelry any time she gets a chance.

Jessie’s Lift
The kids love therapy and hospital “toys”.

Eye Patch
Zach is doing his best spiderman pose. Jessie is wearing my eye patch, which is used to help ease double vision.

Pool Therapy
Mark, and Brenda (the nurse) helping with aqua therapy.

Zach & Jenny
No caption for this one…

Zach & Jenny On Tilt Table
Zach joining mom as emotional support during therapies.

Wally & Jenny
Mark’s dad trying out the over-head lift.

Zach & Jenny Watching A Movie
Holding a call button in case of a need for assistance. The kids still fought to sit on my lap.

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  1. Just wanted to send a little love from my family here in Dallas, Texas to yours. You look amazing and happy.😆 I’m so proud of you and the strength you have. ! I started following your story and love seeing how far you have come. You give me strength to keep try daily. I myself became disabled 6 years ago. I have two teen daughters who are my reason for fighting daily through the pain and agony I’m in. Keep your beautiful head up and keep on working. I’m so proud of you! Lots of love to you😘

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