January 10, 2005

Jenny continues to do well with driving around the house and using her arm support. We were excited to see her show some strength in her legs by being able to bend (a little) and then strengthen them (a little) while at a 75 degree tilt on the tilt table. It is a good step in the right direction. Jenny feels a mixture of some successes and a large degree of frustrations and losses. I would say that her life is still very much filled with trials and struggles that are difficult each and every day. Our big goal is to get her speech working. There are glimpses of sounds and words all the time, but nothing that is solid and permanent. I would love to hear her voice again and be able to know what she is thinking and in need of without the slow/difficult process of ASL spelling (which is still tons better than the blink spelling).


  1. Jenny…Keep up the good work. Don’t worry, everything will come in due time…just remember God gives us only what we can handle…good and bad.
    Keep it up with the speech, that has to be tough but good that sound is coming. What a gift!
    Give Missy and the rest of the family my love….keep it up!
    In Love and Faith

  2. Hey Lynn Family,

    Sis. Lynn your story is an inspiration to me and all of those who have read it. I am now in college and my roommates find your story remarkalbe and ask about your progress often! Thanks for your great example and keep up the awesome work!!!

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