January 13, 2005

Jenny has had a “bumpy” few days and continues to be a tough woman. She has had a number of bumps and bruises stemming from various reasons. Her new chair is awesome, but she has got her foot caught under the foot peddle as it was moving, the arms are too narrow and bruise her legs, and she pinched her toes between the table and foot rest when leaning it back. We do have an appointment to fix some of these wheel chair concerns. The worst incident was when she sneezed herself off the toilet and landed on her face. I was nearby, but not close enough. It was a weird experinece to see someone fall slowly like that, but not be able to brace their fall with her hands. It was painful, but Jenny was incredible with handleing the pain. Her face is only a little sore on her cheek, but no bruise. It did cause her to be able to pucker her lips better on command. Discomfort has always helped motivate her intentional movements. She kind of liked being able to move her left leg and foot. Instead of crying, she was laughing and excited as she told me to watch as she made her foot move. She is doing good, but has had more accidents and bruises these past two weeks than in the past 10 months.

One comment

  1. Oh, Jenny! I am so sorry to hear about your mishaps. With such a wonderful invention like the wheelchair, I guess there HAVE to be a few setbacks. I’m sure they’ll help you quickly work out the “bumps and bruises” (no pun intended)

    You are definitely a trooper, and I want you to know that I think of you every day! Your positive attitude is the first thing I noticed about you when we met in the Mother’s Lounge in 2002. Because of your contagious smile, I just knew we would be friends!

    Thank you for sharing your ups as well as your downs with so many of us. We each are growing and learning from your experiences!

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