Aug 8, 2004

Jenny is on a streak of having really great days lately. Last night, her sister kidnapped her and they were out late buying the mall out. Today was Jenny’s birthday and she was in good spirits all day. She was dressed in a new birthday outfit for church and looked beatuiful. We had a birthday celebration and opened gifts with her. The kids have been overly affectionate with her to the point that we have to limit their love giving now, or watch to see that they do not get too aggressive with her. Going to church (one of the more emotional places for Jenny) was uncertain since Jenny’s vocal chords were fully accessible. She cried good and long during the opening hymn “Because I Have Been Given Much”. It is a favorite song that has lots of meaning for her. The rest of the time Jenny had laughing spells, but was generally reverent and able to limit the outbursts. I have to admit that it would be nice to laugh or cry when you want and get away with it.


  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Jenny! You get 3 “happies” from our 3 boys! Blake wants to know what kind of party you had(he said you probably had a “John Deere” tractor party-of course!-every girls dream!), what you got and if Jessie got any tractors or farm animals!!!

    I taught Sunbeams a few weeks ago and unfortunately for the other dear sweet somewhat submissive sunbeams…Blake, Jessie and Anna are still running the show!!! What dynamic personalities…at least it is better than nursery and they aren’t still pinching and biting(not that I have heard anyway!)

    ahhhh water therapy…yes I can imagine you do miss it! As I think I mentioned, in the water was the first place Grant realized his little body could move…-we did aqua therapy with him starting at 4 months old. I firmly believe that is why he walks today! Edson and I just got back
    tonight from Wisconsin where we attended an excellent medical conference that we go to every year involving Grant’s diagnosis. Many dedicated medical professionals and parents committed to helping all the little Grant’s out there in the world over-it is wonderful-I love going! I always encourage new folks to start aqua therapy with their little “Grants” as soon as possible and to never underestimate the small millimeters of progress because they definitely add up…propelling us forward!

    I better go…my house in upside down and inside out since we have been gone this weekend!-The boys had free reign with Grandma for a while here…yikes! Just a final Happy Happy Happy Birthday from the Pereira’s!
    Love ya, Tracy, Edson, Ross, Grant and Blake

  2. Happy Birthday, Jenny! You can laugh all you want at Church…we’re so thrilled that you are there!

    The Vander Vloedts

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