Aug 10, 2004

Jenny enjoyed her birthday last Sunday and is most positive that now she is 31, things can only get better. She really liked 2 parts of her party. The first was the lasagna that her sister made (with plenty of leftovers). The second, which was a surprise to me, was a simple watch that speaks the time on the hour. It appears that we have erred when it comes to keeping Jenny informed of the time and date. I did hang a large wall clock, but I guess that is only good if I also placed her so she could watch it when she needed to know the time. It appears that this simple gift was another way to lift one more barrier.

We have been slowly getting rid of medical related equiptment which the act of doing so serves as a symbol of her progress. The trache is obviously gone (the hole seems to be completly closed now), I have removed head and trunk supports form her wheel chair. The medical rental company removed medical equiptment from her room. There are also various plans to removed or reduce other medical related things in her life. At times when progress has slowed, or she has experienced decline in her vision, it tends to be a positive boost to have these medical things removed.


  1. Jenny…
    Happy Birthday (a little late)
    I am glad to hear that there have been many positives in the house.
    It sounds liket the house will be more back to normal very soon.
    I went up to Expressions retreat with my brother over the weekend. It was nice to see Mike, Leora and your Mom and Dad.
    I hope that everything continues to go well
    I am praying for you and your entire family daily
    May God continue to bless you
    In Love and Faith

  2. Hi Mark and Jenny,

    I don’t think you know me. I am in the Fishers ward and friends with the Richards and Fields families. We initially heard from them about Jenny’s stroke and began praying for her as a family. Our kids are still praying for Jenny every night in our family prayers. They always remember. I just wanted you to know and thank you for posting the updates on the web site. I enjoy reading of her progress and how you are doing as a family. You are inspiring to me. Take care.

    Barr Hill

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