Aug 7, 2004

Jenny is still doing great with not having a trache. Our theapies are more aggressive since we are not limited to doing activities that will not aggitate her throat. I gave her her favorite choking food (rice), at her request, and she does a great job coughing it back up. She eats other foods much better though. We have not been doing water therapy while the neck heals and I see how much it has helped her. Jenny has a tiny hole in her neck right now, and I assume it will be totally closed up by a week from the removal date.

At his moment, Jenny is birthday clothes shopping with her sister. As a matter of fact, Jenny pretty much wants to go somehwere any time she has the chance. We have a great routine now where we get ready, do therapies, relax and cuddle on the couch as we watch a movie or tv show, Jenny tries to get me to go someplace with her (and demands that I lift her into the front seat), therapies, eat a lunch of pasta, read together, do more therapies, and get ready for bed. All the while we do med stuff, interact/play with the kids, and clean up our huge messes. At this moment, our home is in disarray while we get an addition placed on. Anyhow, things are looking good despite some setbacks.

Jenny has complained that her eye sight is bothering her again and her left side is not as active as it was, but her right side continues to get stronger and she has much bigger movements.


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