May 10, 2004

Jenny has been eating anything and everything that we can bring her. She ventured to try food from her puree tray on Sunday after I tried it first and gave the okay. Oddly, the item she ate was chicken noodle soup, but it was the only thing not watery or runny, whereas the meat, vegatable, bread and cookies were all a liquid consistancy. Go figure.

We have family home evening at the hospital tonight and we sang a primary song in rounds for an opening song. The girls sang the first verse, which put Jenny into tears because it was so beautiful. Zach and I sang the second verse which also brought her to tears, but only because she laughed at our singing. We had cotton candy for our treat. Cotton candy has to be the best treat for her so far. It just melts in her mouth.


  1. I’ll bet that whole place is in total envy of the strength of the family relationships you all have after your FHE! AWESOME!!!

  2. Cotton Candy is truly an inspired idea!! I’ll bet it tasted so good for you all! How is Jenny’s weight–has she lost a lot because of her limited caloric intake? I thought you might like to know that I have now lost almost eighty pounds since last August…just another eighty or so to go! And the best part is I’m off almost all the medications I used to have to take!! My blood sugar is perfect every morning, and my blood pressure is within normal range…I know having my surgery is the best thing I have ever done for myself!! Again, Jenny, I wish somehow it could have been me to have the stroke instead of you… I know how much your sweet little children must miss your presence in the home, and how difficult it must be for you to not be there with them. I also know that for whatever reasons, Heavenly Father knew this was meant to be for you and your awesome family at this time, and that you all will prevail and emerge stronger and lovelier than ever!! Sister Croshaw is doing a wonderful job with the children and singing in Primary, but you know we all still miss you!! Won’t that be the happiest day when you’ll be back!! Ranell & Brian and Connie drove down from Palatine for Mother’s Day to surprise me–we had such a fun visit! Of course, Richard & Shannon & Jacob & Abigail were here, too! Have I told you that Ranell’s new baby is a BOY?!? He is due right around my birthday (end of August)! Have a wonderful day–keep turning your head to get all those kisses!! And Mark, keep up your beautiful, selfless, tireless, terrific and loving work!! LOVE ALWAYS, TAMI

  3. I am impressed with the quiet, enduring nobility manifest by Mark and the entire family. Best wishes. RER

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