Mother’s Day 2004

We had big plans for Jenny to have good food for Mother’s Day, so we bought the good flavors of foods and made the others that Jenny is allowed to eat. Upon coming to the hospital, Jenny was terrified and in pain. I fear going home at nights because I’m never sure if Jenny will need me. She is still in the frame of mind that it is me who she needs to be there at all times, even though there are many who are willing to help out. It turns out that someone during the night, with meaningful intentions, placed a blanket on Jenny. Unfortunately, due to her hypersensitivity and internal body thermostat, Jenny is always so hot and sweaty in just light clothes. She can barely stand anything on her. She was drenched and in an uncomfortable position. Jenny’s brother, Rob, is with me and he helped get her calmed and feeling more comfortable.

The nurses have taught me all the stuff to do to care for Jenny and I can do almost everything by myself now. I’m still slower than a nurse, but Jenny usually likes it better when I do things like suctioning her trach, showering and all. I definately can position better and faster than the nurses now. Jenny typically needs little or no fine tuning when I get her moved into a new position. It took about 2 hours to get her calm and then she fell asleep.

Things are not all bad. Jenny has been moving her head voluntarily to her right and sometomes involuntarily- but it at least gets her off the left ear that still has a bed sore. I noticed that when I kissed her last night that when I just kissed the corner of her mouth, she turned right. I did it a few more times and she was proud of herself as she met the challenge of turning to kiss me. Even her lips are getting more tone and will almost pucker. I have to add this new kiss therapy to hug and candy therapy.

Jenny was so cute and fun yesterday. We laughed so much and she really seemed to be happy. The only bad time was about 10 pm when I said it was time to go. She does not ever want me to leave, but she lets me go. It is hard to see her have nights like last night and then feel good about leaving. I wish she would let other family/friends sit with her at night or mornings. I just can’t wait for her to come home.


  1. Happy Mothers Day Jenny! Mark I can’t wait for her to come home with all of you too. It saddens me to hear about all the discomfort and pain you are going through Jenny. I have a geat husband too. When he is home I would love to come and be with you all night. I hope after your nap you were able to enjoy a little Mothers Day that is well deserved. I am so glad to hear about your new foods. That has to taste sooooo…. good! Mark are are a remarkable husband, friend, son-in-law and father. I love to read about all the news that is going on with you guys (that means all the good and bad together). Thank you so much for keeping up your journal for all of us. Please call me anytime that you think Jenny would be up for any visitors. Jenny you are amazing! I know you are going to prove how strong a person you are. All our love and prayers are will all of you.

    Teri and family

  2. Hi, Mark, Jenny and kids – –

    I know that you (Jenny) are relying on Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Priesthood, which you (Mark) are holding and honoring to sustain you all. I know Jenny feels your priesthood as such a source of great power and great strength. You are her priesthood holder, Mark – she knows how well you honor your priesthood and therefore, she knows how strong and powerful it is. It radiates from you. I wonder if maybe Jenny is longing for the physical presence of the priesthood and becomes anxious then. I do know a little what she might be feeling in that regard – I know the priesthood is just a phone call away from me – and I also know how wonderful, secure and peaceful it is when there is a worthy priesthood holder in my home.

    There are multitudes of things that are contributing to her fear, discomfort and anxiety – some we won’t know until she can tell us – but I am beginning to understand why she wants you near her all the time!

    My hat is off to you, Jenny and Mark. I am in total awe as each day unfolds and each update is shared.

    Love, Sherry

  3. Happy Mother’s Day Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT sounds like you had a good day. I hope that all is going well.
    Big Show was great Mike was the best!!!!!!!!!! I am sure that you will hear all about it. It was nice to see your mmom and Dad and Steve and the kids to.
    I am happy to hear that you are kissing…..I always like thouse myself. It is amazing what good therapy a little love is.
    Well, we all love you and I am sure you will hear from me again soon
    Mark, keep up the good work amd tell Rob I say hello.
    In Love and Faith
    Janet (Caster) Childers

  4. Jenny and family:
    My wife and I are friends of Brian and Tasha’s in Provo. We have heard about your situation from the beginning, and our thoughts and prayers have been with you. As I read some of the messages on the site, I was touched by the love, courage, and devotion that has been shown by you, your husband Mark, your children, your family, and I’m sure many others. You are an example to us!!! Thank you for being strong!! We are pulling for you and praying for you. With much love, Mike, Amy, Samuel(2)& Daniel(1) Berry

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