May 7, 2004

Jenny has had 3 very emotional days this week that have made it difficult to relax her muscles. Whe she gets emotional, feels pain, is anxious, or feels discomfort- her body will become painfully tense and her joints become unbendable. Her therapies have been hindered and she had to cancell speech therapy due to being overly emotional (I later completed the eating exercises with her that she missed). It has taken constant repositioning and hours of hugging (which I do not mind at all) to get her to calm down. She becomes relaxed if I spoon with her in bed while she listens to love songs. Not a bad therapy if I say so myself.

Her eating is so much better. I gauge her progress by her ability to eat Jello. Two weeks ago she could not keep it in her mouth. Last week, she had some success keeping a few bites in. Yesterday, Jenny wolfed down a bowl in no time. The hospital puree foods are a bit under her level and I have asked permission to give Jenny soft, yet substantial foods. I have also began giving Jenny showers, which she loves. She is only supposed to get 3 a week, but she requests them daily now.


  1. Mark and Jenny, Yours is a love story for the ages! Keep writing, Mark, for you are building a legacy of what true love is for your children and for the rest of us who love you both dearly. If Jenny gets to the point where she wants someone to write down her thoughts, I volunteer. Your story must live and be a beacon of light for the world. It is a story of love, courage, strength, family, laughter, and the blessings that come from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Love, Diana Reynolds

  2. The therapy must be heavy because I have called the room several times and have not gotten through. You realize the more time it takes, the more Dad jokes are accumulating. This page is the first one I look at in the morning and I know Jenny is proud of your journal keeping, Mark. Please keep it up.


  3. I am commited to checking the updates regularly. It is sad as I feel her pain with every update. Is is a struggle but, with the stuggle comes rewards. Everytime tears roll from my face. It reminds me where I have come from, how precious life really is, how strong prayer is, how important support and therapy is. She also seems to have the will to get better for her family. These are all key ingredients for recovery. Now she must never give up. She is already on the road to recovery. There will be days that are not so good. After that we must pick ourselves up and go on. So hang in there girl your on the right track.

  4. Showers!!! Lots of hugs and loves!!! Both are soooo great!!! Keep it up, Mark and Jenny! We are SO proud of you both. You give us strength. Our prayers for and thoughts of you never end. We love you. Uncle Dee and Aunt LA

  5. Dear Mark and Jenny,
    It has been about 7 years since we left Indiana, but Mary Alcorn made me aware of your situation several weeks ago and ever since then you have been on my mind constantly. I find myself checking the website often to find out how you are doing and I must say that it sounds like you are both being very brave and faithful at this most difficult time. I pray for you several times a day and I know that many others do too!
    I will continue to follow your progress and pray that God will bless both of you, along with your family.
    My sincere love and concern,
    Debbie Handly

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