May 12, 2004

Jenny had a difficult morning yesterday in which she was flexing and twisting her whole body in painful ways for much of the morning. I am not sure what triggers these spasms, but it interferes with her ability to do anything on her own.
There is talk about removing her cathater and trach in the next couple weeks. Jenny is more than excited for those to go. We have been discussing more future plans, which seems to be going well, with some emotional times, but generally productive outcomes. We are looking into buying a van and doing some renovations, which will make life more enjoyable for Jenny. Jenny has become really comfortable with some of her nurses and she is working well with her therapists, despite reporting constant disomfort and severe pain in rehab exercises.

Jenny has tried to manipulate me into staying overnight any way that she can. I finally gave in again, but I now have to be gone during the day hours to catch up with errands I need to run and to spend time with the kids. I realize her concerns since some of the night nurses are not around her when they can see family interact with her and learn her communication, as well as her likes or dislikes. As much as some nurses try, I doubt they really know what Jenny needs. Others do really well with her. As for today, she has a sub nurse and tech who do not know her. That is no big deal since the family does most all of the care from dressing, feeding, moving, and cleaning during the day hours. Missy and I are pretty good at manual transfers, so that is going pretty good for us right now.


  1. Good Morning, Jenny and Mark,

    Thanks again, Mark, for making Jenny’s progress available. Jenny, I’m sorry about your spasms, I’m sure they leave your muscles pretty sore. I was so happy to read a comment from the person that said she had been through what you are going through and has gained her life back. That truly is my prayer as I am sure it is for everyone who cares about you.

    I really miss you in primary, but you have a double. Vanessa’s style and love of the children and primary music are the same as yours making your absence easier on me. Good choristers always reel me in right along with the children.

    Your progress is amazing but I can tell that it’s also hard work . . . but if anyone can win this fight, it is you, Jenny.

    LOL, Grace

  2. Dear Jenny & Mark,

    Everyday, I go to your website hoping to see any little improvement. Mark, I must tell you that you are a wonderful and loving husband and father. You inspire Jenny to keep trying. You both deserve a miracle.

    Jenny, our family continues to pray for your complete recovery. We know it will be difficult, but you have wonderful people in your life cheering you on who love you. It can happen. Know that many prayers are offered on your behalf. Your name is, I’m sure, on many temples prayer rolls. Yours as well Mark, you need as much support as Jenny does. Especially when you witness her in pain. Continue to hold to the rod.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you both and your adorable little family.

    Lacy & Paula Croft

  3. Dear Jenny (and Mark),
    Jenny, I don’t know if you even remember me, but I lived next door to you in Horne at Heritage Halls. My maiden name is Savoldi. I lived with Joyce and Charity. You drove me home after Winter semester that year (1993). My parents picked me up at your house. Do you remember that? Anyway, Charity told me today what is happening, and I want you to know that your beautiful family will be in my prayers. Mark, I think I met you once in my life. I’m so glad you are the kind of person you are. You are a true example of unconditional, selfless love. I’m so glad Jenny chose you for an eternal companion. Even though I’ve been horrible at correspondence over the years, I have never forgotten you, Jenny. I was just preparing for a Relief Society lesson on Sunday, which had me reading in my college days journal. You know, the journal that Joyce and Charity gave me as a birthday gift that I wrote maybe 10 entries in (journal writing is not one of my strong areas). You were in half of those entries! You are a strong person, Jenny. You will make it through. Keep up the awesome work. You are an inspiration to all around.

  4. Well, here it is a few days and a few more tears later.As I read Jenny’s updates it takes me to a place I had forgotten about. Seven years ago locked away in my body fully aware of what was going on around me. But to way to tell anyone how I was feeling, what I was feeling, how hard I was fighting or how much I needed someone I trusted to be there with me. I remeber having nurses that did fine and others I hated to even come in my room.The hot flashes and sweats that was filled my entire day. The pain from the spasms that seemed to never stop. Just when I thought it was over with, they would start again. I never wanted my husband to leave my side yet I knew he had work and family to tend to, I was torn.When rehab finally hooked up a buzzer pad that I could ring nurses when nobody elese was there, that helped. When I mastered the letterboard, I was able to communicate. When they started taking me out to the therapy gym I did better in therapy, rather then bed, range of motion. Recently I relized how important it was to me to have a strong bond and trust in people. Once I felt safe, recovery came quicker. I also relized that the physical recovery eveyone sees is 10 fold to the recovery going on inside both physical and emotion. There is a lot of recovery going on poeople can not see.
    I pray Jenny has good Dotors,nurses and therapist. There still so many untrain in dealing with this rare and complicated stroke. Now that I am winded, I will excuse myself. Keep praying she needs it.

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