I am grateful…

President Nelson (from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) shared a wonderful message about gratitude on Friday:

One quote from his message was:

“Counting our blessings is far better than recounting our problems. No matter our situation, showing gratitude for our privileges is a unique, fast-acting, and long-lasting spiritual prescription.” —President Russell M. Nelson

I think it is well-established here, that I have found gratitude very healing in my own life.  If u follow me on Facebook or Instagram, for the next 7 days (starting today), I will be posting things I am grateful for, & I wanted to invite u to join me!

Slowing down

Before coronavirus, I actually had a good routine set up…I bet u felt like u did, too. Oddly, while the world has slowed for everyone else, & made their lives less busy, my world has started spinning, as I can get more help now, & w/that help, I have the option to do so much more. Crazy, huh?!? (Interestingly, my world has only changed in ways where I try to become more like “everyone else”: music & yoga therapy are online, & horse therapy temporarily stopped—speaking of…I am REALLY concerned about them, so if like to help them out by gathering donations. If u’d like to help, go to http://www.redarena.org/ … Once here, go to “donate options” under “support” on their toolbar.)

I thought I wanted a busier life, but after a brief reminder, I realized that I don’t want that! I don’t feel as happy—even when I’m getting done what I want done—if I have to fight for my time alone to have time for my personal scripture study & meditate. Seriously…I’m happier on the days I fit those in! In trying to find a new balance, it occurred to me: I’VE DONE THIS BEFORE…meaning, I’ve had my life turned upside-down on me, very suddenly, before & gone from being a crazy, busy mom to being well…uh…me! Someone far less busy. Someone who looks back & can see how beneficial it can be to be less busy.

I’ve had a few weeks to “busy myself up” again, so let me share how I’m trying to figure out my new schedule, & maybe something will stick out for u as u figure things out for u.

1st, try to avoid any depression & be grateful for what is still a “can do.” Then, I use the spirit to help me figure out my “good, better, best” activities: ie, I’ve always wanted to do therapy daily, but w/the business of other people’s lives, that wasn’t a possibility before. But now it is! So now, part of me would like someone to come at least a few hours daily around lunch for help with lunch, potty, & therapy…but that seriously messes with my routine (meditation & personal scripture study, amongst other things…& now that my family can be there, I’m not!) So, I need to figure out if there is there something better or best I can do? Cuz while daily therapy is good, is it “best”? Tuesday’s used to always be my “date day” with my husband: going out to horse therapy, going out for lunch, & maybe going to the movies or to run errands with Mark—so maybe finding a way to still spend time w/Mark is better or best? & now that my family is around more, shouldn’t I find a way to interact w/them more?

Months ago my daughter (who was on her mission & has since been sent home) was facing a tough decision. I told her, “U’re faith is being tested by not knowing. God is forcing your faith to grow & making u take a “step into the darkness.”

& when she was physically hurting & felt like she was slowing down others, I told her, “I totally feel for U about your frustration with slowing down the work…I get it. But God probably appreciates u for doing your best….even if your best is just rolling out of bed one day. Reframe. Accept what u are capable of doing. God does.
Would U tell a friend what u are telling yourself? Be nice to yourself.”

Ever notice how much easier it is to dish out (rather than to take) advice? Maybe I need to take my own advice & be nicer to myself, acknowledge that I’m doing the best I know how, & grow, by taking a “step forward into the darkness.” I encourage u to do that, too!

I did it!

I am so proud of myself!   When I finished dinner, no one was home.  Mark was just dropping off one of our girls, so normally, I would just push chairs in at the table, so our dog, Cooper, doesn’t get on the table & eat the leftovers,  before Mark can put them away…&, at 1st, I did just that.’’But I felt compelled to try & put it away…& I did it!  I put the food in a container in the fridge, just like a housewife!  So excited!U know, only my right arm & head move…that’s it!  It is amazing what one can still do, w/such limited movement!

Tuesdays Rock!

The day of the week that I am grateful for is Tuesday: on Tuesday I get to do my favorite therapy–horse therapy, I get to hear from my son on his mission (it makes me so happy!), & I get to spend time with my husband (usually a lunch date, but it may include going places together). It is by far the best day of my week!

Speaking of horse therapy, when I started it, I got so tired from the workout, that it wiped me out the entire day!  Unfortunately, I can’t sleep in the daytime, but once I had the strength to lift my iPad, I’d just sit & listen to an audio book.  My horse therapy days quickly became my “audio books day”, cuz that was all I could do!

However, last year, I discovered the secret to regain my strength: don’t know if u’ve ever seen the cartoon of Popeye, the Sailor Man (I swear he’s in toonland at Universal, & he’s on you-tube). Anyway, I used to laugh at how when Popeye was tired, or getting beat up, he’d find a can of spinach, eat it, & his muscles popped out & he re-gained his strength—all from a little can of  spinach!  It seemed ridiculous!  But I found out there may be truth to it, cuz my green supplement (that has spinach in it) really does make me stronger!

I believe that cartoon was created with a stroke victim in mind: spinach not only helps him, but he also can’t seem to use a side of his face, & talks pretty bad, like me!  And if u want to hear what I mean, here I am, counting as I do knee bends on the tilt table: