Tuesdays Rock!

The day of the week that I am grateful for is Tuesday: on Tuesday I get to do my favorite therapy–horse therapy, I get to hear from my son on his mission (it makes me so happy!), & I get to spend time with my husband (usually a lunch date, but it may include going places together). It is by far the best day of my week!

Speaking of horse therapy, when I started it, I got so tired from the workout, that it wiped me out the entire day!  Unfortunately, I can’t sleep in the daytime, but once I had the strength to lift my iPad, I’d just sit & listen to an audio book.  My horse therapy days quickly became my “audio books day”, cuz that was all I could do!

However, last year, I discovered the secret to regain my strength: don’t know if u’ve ever seen the cartoon of Popeye, the Sailor Man (I swear he’s in toonland at Universal, & he’s on you-tube). Anyway, I used to laugh at how when Popeye was tired, or getting beat up, he’d find a can of spinach, eat it, & his muscles popped out & he re-gained his strength—all from a little can of  spinach!  It seemed ridiculous!  But I found out there may be truth to it, cuz my green supplement (that has spinach in it) really does make me stronger!

I believe that cartoon was created with a stroke victim in mind: spinach not only helps him, but he also can’t seem to use a side of his face, & talks pretty bad, like me!  And if u want to hear what I mean, here I am, counting as I do knee bends on the tilt table:


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