Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  This year, I didn’t do anything “fancy” for a costume, but I did get to finally do a long awaited costume that I keep asking to do: doctor/patient.  To me, it’s such an obvious & easy thing to do!

Mark has been out of town a lot lately, which makes things a bit crazy for me, cuz I have to then be in charge: Which wouldn’t be a big deal, if I could just “step in”, but I can’t, so instead of doing what I usually do, I type a lot of schedules & texts, in order to find & coordinate people to not only help me “be me”(get up, get dressed, potty, & do therapy), but also find people to help w/stuff Mark does (like make meals, transport kids, etc.).  The schedules are necessary to keep it straight in my head, & I also use them to help me to more clearly communicate with those who are helping me.

On the bright side, one of the girls who helps me, scrapbooks a lot with me, so since she has been here more often, I have posted a lot of new traditional scrapbook pages that I made for Jessie (& I copied some of them for Zach).  My favorite page we made is a “tradigital page” (meaning it was partially made digitally, as well as traditionally).  It has the most awesome photo, & I have been wanting to scrapbook this photo since the day I took it, but I could never find the embellishments I wanted…so, I finally just made my own embellishments—which  I couldn’t have done 15 years ago, so I am so glad I waited to do this page!:


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