A Review Of The Lynn Family In The Year 2011
    (Pictures on the card below are italicized)

Both girls sing “Popular” in a school talent show

Jess gets a pet lizard (gecko), Sandstorm
Mark attends a Pyro workshop
Jenny is published in a British Medical Journal

Our pre-teen girls remodel their bedroom
All 3 kids start wearing braces

Trip to Galveston, Texas
Visited NASA in Houston, Texas

Zach earns the Chivalry award
Zach, Jess & Sophie all get straight A’s in school

The girls perform as an orphan & Miss Hannigan in the musical “Annie”
See the musical “Spiderman” & the play “Warhorse” during a trip to New York

Zach goes to Philmont and celebrates his birthday by hiking with the scouts

Family trip to Destin, Florida to enjoy the beach and ocean
Zach joins the high school JV tennis team

Zach & Jess attend the BYU football game in Dallas

Mark & Jenny go to work & church conferences in Utah
Halloween: Zombie (Sophie), Fey Rey from the movie King Kong(Jessie), Disco Dude (Zach), Hot Air Balloon Pilot (Jenny), Guy with everything to pop a balloon (Mark)
Zach starts high School & Jess starts middle school – we now have each kid in a different school
Sophie wins the Ebelskiver Invitational Cook-off
We attend the State Fair in Dallas and get sick on fried foods

Jessie plays volleyball
Sophie begins theater jazz dance class
Harry Potter themed family dinner

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