May 28, 2005

I am writing because I get into trouble if I do not write on this site frequently. Nothing new or really exciting has happened these past few days. We are stripping or house a little each day until the walls are pretty much bare and the anything that we do not have to use is already boxed up. Our home has received very few looks by prospective buyers, but it will most likely need the right family who needs the main floor bathroom and bull bath. Our new home is still in its early stages, so we have a while before we close.


  1. Mark,
    I appreciate any update you can write. I think of you often, and Jenny regularly appears in my dreams!
    Please know that you are loved, all the way out here in New Jersey!
    Love, Vanessa, Andrew, Grant, Faith, Clark & Baby Boy Croshaw

  2. Mark, Jenny and kids —

    Please make more sure than ever to continue to update this site after you relocate to Texas – it is something I do each and every day to be part of you and your family. I look forward to each update, too, as do so many of us.

    I know you will let us know how we can help with your move if you need us to here in Indy 2nd.

    Take care –


  3. Hi Jenny and Mark! I am Carolyn Yacktman’s cousin out here in Seattle, and we check into this website often to find out how Jenny is doing. Although we haven’t seen you since you were a little girl, Jenny, you are in our prayers every day. We admire your achievements and enjoy Mark’s good humor and wit. Our family has some dedicated scrapbookers so we are excited you have discovered and learned this skill–especially the digital variety which is undoubtedly the future in scrapbooking. We are still doing the old-fashioned kind. You have such beautiful children; they would be a pleasure to scrapbook. We love the Yacktman family and wish you the best of luck as you tackle your new move and challenges. Love, Kathy and Steve Hummer

  4. Thanks again for the continual updates. It does help a ton to know what is going on. Don’t worry about us. Focus on teh move. That is most important. Don’t worry the right buyer will come along. I know it sees fast and then slow when you want it to be the other way. But it will all come to gether.
    In Love and Faith

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