1. Very nice, Jenny! Looks like you have one or more of those digital kits with endless paper and embellishment options. How fun is that?!?!? Those are so neat! I’ve been making do and having fun scrapbooking with Photoshop, but I don’t have nearly the number pf pics you always have. You probably have way more digital pages than I have, paper and digital combined. It’s a great learning process, and you’re doing a wonderful job, as always!

    Love, Maria

  2. Beautiful as always, Jenny! What fun that you can again do what you love so much! We’d love to see MORE pages!

  3. Jenny Lynn —
    I’m VERY new to scrapbooking (about 3 weeks now) but have decided you need to give me lessons! Thank you. You and your family are an inspiration to me.

  4. Wow, Jenny!! Great stuff!! Now I just need to know what scrapbook program you’re using. I want to start to scrapbook but I think for me, digital is the way to go.

    The burger looked awesome!!!

    And how wonderful to see four generations of women in your family.

    Donna Mirabile

  5. Those pages look wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! I think that is one of the best looking burgers I have ever seen.
    I am so glad to see you back to scrapbooking. I love them. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    In Love and Faith

  6. Hi, I loved the pictures and the scrapbooking. I have wanted to do something like that for my family. I guess that I am chicken. I am so glad that you can still have a wonderful hobbie that all can enjoy for years to come. I loved the family group. I have one simular to that one. I cherish it always. You look and sound like you are doing so great. I look forward to seeing more of your scrapbooking. You have caught everyone at their best. Love to you and your family. Love, Rita

  7. Wow! Your scrapbooking is wonderful! We loved seeing the photos! What a neat idea to share them! Thanks. The big move must be almost here. You are one busy family! We think of you so often. Thanks for taking time when you are so busy to continue to share with us. Keep the scrapbook pages coming!!! You should have some great ones after the move! We love you guys. Uncle Dee and Aunt LA

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