May 23, 2005

A huge part of Jenny’s life returned this week as she has resumed her favorite passtime of scrap booking. A couple of wonderful women came to our home and taught Jenny how to digital scrap book so she can print her pages and put them in albums. I personally like digital better (not just because we have 20 plus boxes of scrap book supplies packed for our move). I see a spark in Jenny that I have not seen in too long of a time. Her self esteem has escalated and she is so proud. Thanks so much to Laura and Teri for your thoughtfulness and time. I give Jenny 3 months before she is as good as the best digital scrapbookers.

Jenny had her first wheel chair “incident” today. Appearantly she sneezed and darted into the wall as her hand bumped her joystick. The kids yelled for me and I found her stuck on the wall. She only got a little scratch on her foot, but the wall took a beating. Yacktmans and their feet do not get along. The kids and I ticketed her for driving while sneezing and exceeding the sneezing limit by 2.


  1. It sounds liek digital is the way to go. I was in the store the other day and there were some ladies doing it there. It looked so cool.
    I am glad to hear it has lifted your spirits. I think it is a great gift to have. There are so many ways to put those wonderful memories together. Keep it up.
    My friend runs in to things when he sneezes all the time. Just the other day we went to see a movie, and I went to hug him and I hit the joystick and maved him knocking me over and putting a dent in the wall. So I understand completely.
    Keep up the GREAT work…..
    In Love and Faith

  2. Too funny! We’ll have to put Jenny and Kiera into their own “klutz” class. I’m glad she wasn’t hurt more.

    That is so great about the scrapbooking. I’ve always been envious of Jenny’s scrapbooking talent (I think I’m doing great if I glue a picture in on pretty paper!), so now she’ll be able to one-up me on something else! Keep it up!


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