May 10, 2005

Our family has been ill with a cold of sort that just drains your energy, so we have been recoverying for the past week. Jenny’s mom was great and came at this time to help pack Jenny’s “sacred” scrapbooking supplies. Only the mother of such a woman like Jenny could comprehend what was needed to organize and separate supplies. 20-plus boxes later, it was complete. She was also great to have around so we could get a little rest.

Jenny conitinues to demonstrate the ability to do a little bit more than she was once capable of doing. They are small, but measurable marks like being able to reach her face with a washcloth, or reach the window cotrol in the car. These were once impossible tasks a few weeks ago. Speech is an area which is most frustrating. It seems that the more we do to work on speech, the less we get. Jenny does psych herself out most times she tries, but will say simple words, without thinking, on occassion. We keep trying.


  1. We are sorry you’ve been sick. It comes at a busy time if you’re trying to pack. Darn. Families are wonderful, though, and we’re glad Jenny’s mother could be there. Especially if Jenny’s had a cold. It must be great to open her own car window. Sometimes we get the control turned off accidently and I don’t even get to do that!!! You’re still in our prayers and thoughts. Keep up the good work. We love you. Aunt Lois Ann and Uncle Dee

  2. hi mark and jenny! you all don’t know family lives in south carolina. i have a 1 year old son with salt wasting cah and remember vividly last year when you had the stroke. i heard about it from the cares group and newsletter–kelly et al. i am also a nurse who worked for years on a neuro floor–for the past four years i have worked in the ICU. i just wanted to let you both know that i check the website every day to follow your progress. as i do, i also say a prayer for all of you. i am sure that there are others out there that you have not met that are doing the same. for some reason today, i just wanted to let you know that your family is truly in my daily thoughts and prayers. God bless all of you!

  3. I hope that everyone is feeling better. I know how it goes, we have been sick at my house too. I am glad to hear that packing is going well. I don’t know which is more fun, packing or unpacking…I am unpacking now and it is not as fun as I thought.
    I know that the speech is hard, keep up the good work though. It will come I just know it. The gifts that have been given are wonderful, they will continue, I know it.
    Keep up the good work. I know you will continue to do well
    In Love and Faith

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