April 29, 2005

Jenny experienced a life long dream of seeing her long time love (Donny Osmond) in concert a couple nights ago. We were invited by some wonderful friends who also share a fondness for Donny. I don’t want to put words in another man’s mouth and declare him a groupie, but the husband of Jenny’s friend is a subscriber to the Donny website, has been to another Donny concert, purchased purple socks for the event, and has bought a fare share of Donny memorbillia. He will remain nameless but the evidence speaks for itself. For me, it was like meeting Jenny’s first boyfriend, so I was a bit jealous. Feel free to ask her about her Donny poster that she had as a kid. Jenny had a great time and I appreciate great people like these friends who continue to show such great love to Jenny in so many ways.

I wish I could report some new and incredible speech sounds or voluntary movements. Jenny continues to become stronger in the exhisting movements. Another friend (not a Donny groupie) who helps us with our signing skills made the comment of how Jenny has a much better range with her arm since he saw saw her a couple weeks ago. Jenny is becoming easier to communicate with since her signing has been given the extra boost by this movement. We are slowly adding signs to our vocabulary to hopefully get rid of finger spelling all the time. I tend to look up words she spells most and we work on those.


  1. I LOVE DONNY OSMAND!!!!!!!!!!!
    How Cool…I love concerts, they always make it a better day.
    Keep up the good work on the vocabularyin both signing and speaking. I know it is hard, But I have faith that that too shall come.
    In Love and Faith

  2. Ok, I’m jealous! I haven’t seen Donny in years. And I’m SO glad that Mark went with you. I know he was thrilled. 🙂 Actually, he acted like the Donny DVD I loaned you would give him cooties or something. I’m happy he survived the ordeal and lived to speak of it!


  3. Wow, Donny Osmond!! Didn’t all of us girls have a big crush on him when we were little? Who can forget “Puppy Love”? Maria!!! Were you at the Osmond concert with the Smiths and me?

    So glad to hear that Jenny is making progress. God is truly a God of grace and love.


    Donna Mirabile

  4. Too Cool! I was madly jealous when I heard you were going, Jenny! Donny is the reason I love purple, and indirectly the reason I joined the Church! I was fortunate enough to see him in concert several times, probably the same ones that Maria and Donna saw him at, and, through a series of very odd circumstances, my friends and I ended staying up most of the night once with the Osmond’s warm up band. Too strange.


  5. Dear Mark and Jenny,
    It was wonderful to spend the evening with you two at the concert. Please let the record reflect just two items:
    1. I would do anything for my dear wife… even if it means going to a concert (twice) and spending just a bit too much on the Donny memorbillia.
    2. I want the record to show that it was Mark Lynn standing up, clapping his hands and shaking his “buda” during the concert. And did I see purple socks on your feet that night?


  6. Lynn family-
    I got to see Mike in Big Show last night…He is so talented. It is hard to believe that he is graduating. A senior. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope that you are all well. Mommy Y says that you all are.
    In love and Faith

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