April 20, 2005

We are just doing our normal therapies and daily routine lately. Our biggest excitement is that we nailed down a date in which we will move. June 20th is the day we leave Indy. We are in a mad dash to get things ready for the big day. Jenny looks forward to working on her computer each day and I am glad she has that outlet. I am still learning that I ned to be careful what I ask for, because I usually do get it. I requested that Jenny be more assertive and let me know what she wants and to not let up until people are aware. Well, I get a mailbox full of e-mails with reminders and requests, as well as lengthy reports of how she feels. It is kind of nice to get this kind of real detail, but now I get into trouble for not following through.


  1. As they say, careful what you wish for…I think it is great that Jenny is following through with all of those things. CONGRATULATIONS on the new house, I know it will be a wonderful transition for ALL of you.
    In Love and Faith

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say hi and how much I have enjoyed being a part of your family by reading everyday about your family. I admire your strength and perseverence in getting anything that you do done. I did laugh at the fact that you got what you asked for. It seems that Heavenly Father always seems to give us what we ask for. It may not be at the time that we want or an overdose but he does always help us. I sometimes wonder if he laughs as much as some of us when we sit back and reflect. How exciting it is that you will be moving and enjoying Texas weather. I know about the Texas weather. My family is from the Fort Worth area and it sure is warm. I know that you will be happy there. You will not be to far from the New Temple and will have wonderful sites to see. May God continue to bless you and your family. Love Ya, Rita

  3. Dearest Jenny & Mark–How truly awesome that Jenny can “talk” via her computer!! Having read the traumatic story of the locked-in patient from back in the sixties, I am so glad that you can actually communicate and be understood rather than just “ignored” and treated like a vegetable, as she was. Thank goodness for modern technology, as well as the wonderful medical progress that has helped you along on your miraculous recovery. I will truly miss seeing you each Sunday at church; you always look so pretty and expertly cared-for and cared-about! Your beautiful children are so happy and accepting of your family situation. I hope to have my move to Utah accomplished by May 28, so I will even miss out on your last few weeks here. But again, thanks to this terrific modern technology, we can easily keep in touch! LOVE ALWAYS, TAMI 🙂 🙂

  4. Wow! I am amazed at how much progress you have made in a year! And I’m still impressed by the incredible love and support shown throughout your family and friends.
    My name is Jeff, and I’m the paramedic that brought Jenny from your home to Community Hospital North more than a year ago. I haven’t checked in on this site for quite a while, but on of the PA’s here has a family member who knows you, and he brought you all to mind today.
    I see you’re moving, and life continues to change and present new opportunities and challenges. God Bless and keep you all wherever you go. Best wishes for continued improvement and daily joy as you watch yoru kids grow.
    You are all amazing people.

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