Feb 23, 2005

Since Jenny has been using the computer, we have always joked about her going crazy on e-bay, but she has rarely done more than checked e-mail, played games, or written in her journal. For some unknown reason, Jenny woke up and immediately stated that she wanted to go on the internet. She immediately began shopping and spending. I would not have known this except our credit card has a new expiration date since Jenny used it last and she needed help when it did not work. She first hit Deseret Book to get supplies for our Primary class, Zach’s upcoming baptism, and some church tapes to listen to. She hit a music web site to get new tunes to listen to. E-bay was most likely drained of it’s goods, and she even researched some cool party ideas for Sophia’s upcoming “Dora the Explorer” birthday party. Jenny read her e-mail and maybe even wrote one (which she hardly ever does). I hope this was a matter of getting it out of her system since she was been holding out for a year. However, it was good to see her desire to be more independent and assertive. What I really think is that she just wanted to get more mail.


  1. Jenny and Mark,
    It is great hearing of your progress Jenny and so happy to hear that you guys had so much fun on your vacation. I hope the kids are feeling better and that you’re getting everything you want on E-Bay 🙂

    Thanks for all the updates Mark. You are truly a wonderful guy. I keep all of you in my daily prayers.
    Lots of hugs,
    Linda Watters and family

  2. Jenny is the BEST shopper for DEALS that I have ever met, so don’t worry, Mark. Even if she’s shopping, she won’t spend much!

    Way to go, Jenny! I’m sure it felt great to have the independence to shop around for what you needed and find it! I love that feeling!

    You’re in our thoughts every day – we love you and find joy in your outstanding attitude of patience and endurance!

    Love, Vanessa

  3. Hi, Mark and Jenny —

    If Jenny would like e-mail — just put her e-mail address where we can get it – maybe have her send me one so I can get it in my address book — I’d love to be e-mail buddies with her — it’s my thing, too!

  4. Hey there, shopping is the BEST therapy if you ask me. I think it is great that you are getting out on the web to see and BUY!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats on Zach’s baptism…sounds liek some busy times are to come
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love and Faith
    Janet and Rob

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