Feb 18, 2005

A number of people have asked if Jenny saw the most recent “ER” episode last night about a woman who had a stroke and was ‘locked-in” briefly due to the stroke. Jenny did see the episode because she saw the previews for it. She use to love ER, but finds it too hard to watch, but wanted to see how they portrayed it. If you watched it without sound, it was pretty accurate. Jenny stated that the woman’s thoughts were “lame” and “written by someone who had never had a stroke”. Of course, there was a tv ending where the woman almost fully and immediately recovered even though she had a totally blocked artery for several hours (it only takes minutes to cause permanent damage). A few scenes were too real (the woman was a mother of three in her 30’s). Jenny reassured me that that at no time did she ever think that her emergency room doctors were “hot”, like the tv show lady was thinking.

One comment

  1. Sounds like all is well, I hope thiddos are better. I know working in a peds office, we are seeing a bit of everything.
    I am glad you are having more trunk more, that is a great sign. Robert, my husband was happy to hear about you standing against the wall. He always asks after you, it is to bad you guys have never met. Did you guys get a chance to make it to Auburn this year? I remember when I saw you there last year.
    In Love and Faith

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