Feb 15, 2005

The kids have been really sick for the first time and it is difficult on Jenny to not be able to pick them up and comfort them like she use to. Not only that, we definately do not want Jenny to get what they have, so they really can not even sit on her lap like the usually do for comfort. Jenny strated showing signs of congestion and weakness, but is looking better now.

I am still impressed with Jenny’s improvements that happen ever so slightly. I am encouraged by her trunk and stomach muscles. She is begining to be able to bend forward and back while on the tilt table or in her chair. This would greatly increase her range of abilities if she could do that.

One comment

  1. Hey Mark, Jenny, and kids! I’m so glad you guys had a great trip to Florida. The kids could of gotten sick down there(?again?). It sounds like you keep getting stronger and stronger Jenny. You are my hope and example for what courtney can do. I’m glad all is well and hope the kids get well soon. Brice has lots of new Star Wars stuff he wants to sow Zack. Let us know how your house is going so we can get to see you again. Take care and stay strong. Love, The Henries

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