Feb 28, 2005

We begin doing therapies, almost exclusively at home, starting today. We realized that we could do more aggressive therapies at home and utilize our time better by doing it ourselves. We found that what they wanted us to do at outpatient was what I was already doing with Jenny at home, but without the wasted time of traveling, waiting, and reassessing all the time. We are not going to have therapist come in either. I feel comfortable with the exercises that they did with Jenny, and since I was at every outpatient therapy appointment, I was basically doing the same thing anyhow. Jenny held onto one speech therapy a week, but she is eager to just have me be help her with the physical therapy. As needed we will return to outpatient to learn new exercises.

I am most pleased with how Jenny has decided to make the most out of life, be more adventerous, and overall more assertive. It is difficult to keep up with her requests and pursuits. The kids have noticed a change in activity and have wanted to interact with Jenny more as well. Sophia had Jenny give wheelchair rides all day Sunday. I do think that a lot of this energy came from her trip to Disney where she realized that she could enjoy life and do more than she thought she could.

We are returning to Austin in March to let the kids see their new home. Jenny is a pretty confident traveler, so it should be a more enjoyable trip than the first time. We are anxious to see how the kids will like Austin. We have planned a mini sight seeing tour with visits to familiar places (McDonalds, Toys R Us etc…) and new entertainment spots. The kids have been most concerned about not having their favorite places in Texas and leaving their friends behind. We are planning to be their on a Sunday to let them go to church and meet new kids their age.


  1. It is so fun to hear about the things you are doing!!! You are very interesting to read, Mark. You and Jenny are great parents. It would be wonderful if many more children had parents like you two. We hope you have a great trip to Texas. Jenny, you enjoy your new pursuits and adventures. Keep them coming. Got to keep Mark on his toes!!! Love, Uncle Dee and Aunt LA

  2. Hi Mark and Jenny,

    It’s great to read about the family and Jenny’s progress. Your children are so big and absolutely beautiful.
    The boys and I will be traveling to Chicago at the end of March and then on to Indy. When will you all be traveling? We would love to see you but might miss you due to your travel schedule. God Bless. Annelisa

  3. I am glad to hear that therapy is going well. Keep up the good work. Have a good time in Austin sounds liek all is going well.
    Congrats on the new Yacktman addition.
    In Love and Faith
    Janet and Rob

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