March 6, 2005

Jenny has made great strides in the past week or so. She keeps trying to do more that what she has been capable of doing. I have always been proud of her, but she really is taking control of her life and future outcomes. A recently accomplished task has been the ability to drive up to a table and take things off from it, such as the remote. Before, she needed someone to place things in her hands. A new movement today was to be able ot move her pinky on her right hand. I always see her trying to move and stretch the pinky against her leg or other objects. It appearantly worked. This is helpful because she had to change the ASL alphabet for “i”, “j”, and “y” and use her ring finger instead of her pinky to sign letters. It worked fine, but looked like she was flipping you off when she spelled “i”.

Jenny has also been able to use our “Ab Lounger” (sit up machine) for the first time. She can get several back and forth movements before feeling fatigued. I notice that her stomach is not as much of a pooch since her stomach muscles have kicked in. Some new vocal things have kicked in as well. Jenny will start to speak without thinking and she is able to produce word sounds. This has only happened a couple times, but it has only been a couple days since it started. hopefully, it is a positive sign.

We are slowly packing for our move to Texas. It is difficult for Jenny because we are trying to reduce our posessions and she feels that getting rid of items is giving up on her recovery potenial. I feel torn as well, but I debate the fact that we do not need a whole lot of snow recreation gear in Texas, for example. We did not use it in Indiana, and we always rented when we did things like go skiing in Utah. Jenny has always wanted more children, so the idea of getting rid of baby supplies is difficult. We make compromises, but she still refuses to get rid of any toys. Jenny has not lost her pack rat or stubborness traits with the stroke. We still disagree and argue our sides, but I hate arguing with her now. It is something you have to experience to understand. Since she spells out each word, and her signs are not always very clear, I need to say what I see her spell to make sure I understand correctly what she is telling me. Therefore, I use my voice to say her thoughts. Basically, I am yelling/arguing at myself- or at least it feels that way.


  1. Hey Mark and Jen,

    I know that you often feel like people don’t see you mark =) so when I saw that 10 people responded on Jenny’s entry, I decided to respond on yours =). I know you are supposed to move to Texas, and I know that you – Jenny – will go a long way there. You will improve in leaps and bounds. I know it, but more importantly, I know you know it! It has almost been a year now, and I remember vividly seeing you at Community North and upon your return from Cleveland. And I remember then feeling like if indeed you pulled through, you would defy every natural law you could! And you do it every day. Mark, I know Jenny has done this because of you (well, and that fire that keeps her going inside!) I will miss all of you …..every time I see you guys you are one or ten =) steps closer to being gone. So today it seems too soon! Thank you both for showing the world what can happen if you don’t give up. All the love in my heart, Laura p.s. Mark, I think you would feel better if you knew some other guy out there was experiencing what you are experiencing. I think the next time I am frustrated, I will write it down and have gabe read it out loud to himself. =)

  2. Mark, This is Veda Talbert At Athens Texas, I hope you see this, I have been trying to get in touch with you guys. I am so Glad Jenny is better, I just know God can heal her, Mary lives in Austin, I hope you get this and email me, Love you guys , Veda and JB

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