Jan 31, 2005

We are preparing for our second trip, this time with our whole family. We seem to think that we worled out the wrinkles of our last travel experience and feel much more confident in our travel abilities. Jenny reports that she is seeing better now. She has some difficulty with focusing, but she is able to read things that she was incapable of reading just weeks before. We have also taken the step towards making communication easier for us. I have introduced ASL signs (not just the alphabet) to make things a little faster. Jenny knows more than I do (I have to look on the interenet and in books) and she often tries to introduce new signs in our communication, and it takes me a while to figure out what she is doing. Of course, she is limited with just the one arm and even that has limited range. Most signs seem to work so far. I wish the deaf community would agree on using the same signs for words. For example, every person I ask how to say “tired” tells me differently (as well as each book I look at). Apparently, Jenny will not be allowed to be tired until we figure it out. A dear friend did tell her how to say “liar”- which is her favorite word to me now. I always thought it was my kids that I needed to worry about picking up new words from their friends. As with the alphabet, we will have to make our own changes to suit or needs. It seems like everyone else does it anyhow, so it works for me.


  1. Hey there..sounds to me like Jenny is doing GREAT..I am thrilled to hear that the vision is smlowly imporving. Any improvment is better tahn none, right? Any way, I hope you have a great trip. I think it is great that you all are getting out and about. I know that is so important and wonderful. Please give my love to everyone there and keep up the good work.
    I the ASL is a great addition to the family communication, now, just think, you can have secret sighs so only your family knows what it means, that makes it all the more fun for the kids.
    In Love and Faith

  2. You two are GREAT!!! We love reading your mail, Mark. Good for Jenny. She is finally getting in the ‘last word’. Yeah!!! It is wonderful that you were able to go to Texas and that you and the family will be able to go on a trip together. We hope the weather is good for you where you are going and that everyone stays healthy (no sick kids) while you are gone. Have a great time. We’ll be thinking of you. Love, Aunt Lois Ann and Uncle Dee

  3. Hi Mark…just wanted to drop a line to say I miss you. I think about you almost every day at work. I love reading about Jenny’s progress. Your sense of humor is special. Sounds like Sofia is becoming a handful. Just like her dad:-)
    Stay strong and happy.

  4. We are in Russia and haven’t had a lot of time to write, but we have read everything you post about Jenny. You are both remarkable people–you have our complete admiration and love and prayers. We so admire your tenacity and hard work. It’s paying off…Love to you and your family
    Ferris and Joyce

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