Jan 27, 2005

Jenny survived her first plane trip this week. We just returned from visiting where our new home will be in Austin. The actual time on the plane was no problem at all. As a matter of fact, I finally realized who they built the plane seats to accomidate. Jenny fit good in them and was well supported, so you can blame her for uncomfortable seating if my theory is correct. The other stuff was not so smooth (cancellations, rerouting, late arrivals, missed planes, blizzard conditions etc…). Several years ago, Jenny had her bags lost and she stated, “To have my bags lost is by biggest fear of anything.” A much wiser Jenny remarked a couple days ago, “After a stroke, most problems that occur seem small and are not worth worrying about.” The real difficult part of traveling was being without her assistive equiptment such as her power chair, accessible van, accomidated bathroom, and so on. She had a rental chair that tilted back and folded up (since her other chairs do not travel well). It turned out that the chair actually made her work so hard to stay up that it wore her out.

We did attend what would be our new ward. As it turns out, a few families (all with kids our kids’ ages) live on our short street, so our kids will know their neighbors better since they will get exposure at school, church, and the neighborhood. Jenny’s favorite part was that since it was a new building, there was a ramp that led to the podium. The members were just as nice as those in Indiana, but the building its self felt more accomidating. Overall, Jenny loves the area and would love to move there! that was a big relief for other family members and myself (mostly since we are starting construction there). The weather was wonderful. Jenny has a difficult time with the cold now, so being that Austin was in the 70’s and Indianapolis was having a blizzard, it proved to be a good place to go.


  1. Hi guys,

    Glad to hear that things went well with the flight and with Austin. Jenny, it sounds like you will be right at home with church and there will be a great community for the kids. Mark, thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

    Our best to you,
    Sharon, Will, Hunter & Haven Swanson 🙂

  2. I’m so glad to hear that the trip went well. It is so sad to think of you leaving our ward, but I know it is probably for the best. I’m glad that it is still a while off! But the most important thing is–how will Zach and Claudia remember that they are going to get married if you move?! Still, the temptation to move somewhere warm is very motivating! I hope everything goes as well for your next trip!


  3. I am glad that everything is going well…I am happy to hear that you love Austin. It is nice there I hear….
    I hope you are having continuing success…
    In Love and Faith

  4. Here in the Seattle area, Carolyn’s cousins and family are praying for Jenny and keeping up with her progress on your website. Mark, you sound like a wonderful, supportive husband. Jenny, we admire your courage and spirit. Your new move sounds neat. Our son was on his mission (Spanish-speaking) in Houston. We wish you all good luck. Again, Jenny, our prayers and all good wishes are for your recovery and for you and your family as you cope with this trial. The Lord must love you a lot to know you could endure and overcome this test. Love, Kathy and Steve Hummer and family

  5. Jenny,
    You may not remember us but we remember you. Also, your parents are our dear friends and mentors. When we recieved their news letter explaining the happenings of this past year, I went to your website and read the whole history. I was so humbled and grateful to be allowed to see such an incredible example of love, determination, and faith interwoven in the expression of the events of your lives. I have prayed for you and will continue to do so. Our family has been in the middle of a severe trial or two for the past 10 years and I ran across this quote from President Harold B. Lee which has kept me going in very difficult times. I thought I would share it with you both. It is as follows:
    “BY FAITH IN GOD THEN, YOU TOO…CAN BECOME ATTUNED TO THE INFINITE AND BY POWER AND WISDOM OBTAINED FROM YOU HEAVENLY FATHER HARNESS THE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE AND HAVE THEM SERVE YOU IN YOUR HOUR OF NEED IN THE SOLUTION OF PROBLEMS TOO GREAT FOR YOUR HUMAN STRENGTH OR INTELLIGENCE.” I put this enlarged on an 8 1/2 X 11 inch sheet of paper and put on the fridge where I read it every day. I really helps me. I hope it helps you, too. You have probably already discovered its meaning.
    Helen Manwaring

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