Oct 6, 2004

Just recently, Jenny has been able to communicate with her sister, in San Diego, by signing while on a web cam. It seems like it works pretty well. We still try to build the strength in Jenny’s active arm so she can do more. The other day, Jenny told me she had a dream about eating breakfast. All she wanted was to eat a bowl of Froot Loops and chew the cereal. Based on those desires, I placed various cereals on her wheel chair tray and helped her feed herself one at a time. Jenny liked it and was the first to point out that this is how she helped our kids work on picking things up and feeding themselves. Today, we upgraded to Junior Mints.

Life seems to be getting back to more of a routine. Jenny and I get out on occassion and are able to spend quality time with the kids, but only in short periods. My mother and dad are still a huge part in helping to raise the kids and caring for their daily needs. We have been lucky to have an active support system where we had Jenny’s sister, Melissa, and her husband for a few months. We also have other family who visit often- as well as friends who are a pleasure to see since they seem to boost Jenny’s mood.

Jenny’s brother, Don, should be placing some photos of the past few months on this web site in a few days. They begin as early as a couple weeks after Jenny’s stroke to just recently.


  1. Hi Jenny & Mark,
    Just a short note to let you know we still keep up with your progress every day. We’re so proud of you!! Yum, Junior Mints are one of our favorites – keep them coming!
    Gary will be going to Houston this weekend to help Lisa & Ed move to their new home. Then we’ll both be going in a couple of weeks to help them hang pictures, etc., and I’m sure we’ll be unpacking boxes, too. 🙂
    Keep up the good work (we know it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds in the updates), and know that we think of you frequently.
    Love, Carolyn & Gary

  2. Hi Mark, Jenny, and family. I just wanted to let you know that I read your updates all the time. I keep our Stake Primary up to date with everything that keeps going on in your family. I also let them know of the great progress that is happening. I get so excited at all the little things. I also know that the little things are big things to Jenny’s progress. I really get so excited. Next time that you see Sister Gohier, Sister Scott, and Sister Hunt ask them. I feel as though I got to see every little thing that is happening for Jenny. And let me tell you that Junior Mints are my favorite thing to eat at the movies. I can’t even think about going to the movies without having at least one box. Keep up the wonder work. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the courage that Jenny has to rebuild her life. I sometimes feel that her life represents all the lives that have found the true church. We start to rebuild our lives on a daily basis. We grow from all the trials and learning that we need to do. So, I feel that I can relate somewhat to what Jenny goes through daily. I love you and wish you a great day of learning. Rita

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