Oct 3, 2004

We were able to watch our church’s General Conference broadcast from our home this weekend, which was easier since we did not have to leave the house for church. I think it is because of our situation, but it seemes like many of the talks by the church leaders delt with overcoming trials and tribulations. It gave us an opportunity to discuss how Jenny was feeling these days about her struggles. Overall, Jenny felt that the conference talks brought comfort and peace, but she still suffers each day and it is difficult to be patient while healing occurs.

Jenny has become quite strong in using her right hand. I think it is because she signs with it so much and has functional uses for those movements that makes her exercise it throughout the day.

I was able to get out of the house, despite a reluctant wife, for the first time in a great while. I took a short hike with my father which was a needed break. Jenny still struggles to not have me with her at all times. I can easily lift her while providing her the care that she needs. Everyone else needs to use the overhead lift which Jenny finds to be uncomfortable and “humiliating”. I agree that the lift is not the funnest thing, but it is the best we have- and the safest option. While we were gone, I was even more afraid of getting into trouble for being late than I was prior to her stroke. She can not even talk, but I am still afraid of her wrath and getting lectured for wrong doing. Since the hike, Jenny has tightened the leash on letting me go anywhere.


  1. Hang in there Mark. It is very normal for her to want you around so much. She has gotten use to you being there and caring for her. It is a great feeling to have someone love you so much they will do anything and everything for you. Plus going through what Jenny has been though, you relize how special life is, and how fast it can slip away. I wanted to also have you check your computer for disabled settings. most computers have them with the windows program. You can set the keyboard settings to be less sensitive to double touch or mistouches. Also you can slow the mouse to a confotable speed for Jenny.
    I get warm fuzzies everytime I read the progress Jenny is making.
    God Bless,

  2. Mark,
    I am an old aquaintence of Jenny’s from Arlington Heights. My name is Lori (Grabiner) Austgen. Today, I live right here in Carmel with my husband Rick, and son Sam. I just heard about what happened to Jenny from a mutual family friend (The Freedmans)from Northgate, and also that you live here in Indianapolis. While growing up I didn’t know Jenny well, but I always admired her talent. Please tell Jenny that my good wishes and prayers are with her and your family. Also, let me know if there is anything that I can do for her.
    Lori (Grabiner) Austgen

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