Oct 1, 2004

Jenny seems to have hit a point of slowed progress, but this has happened many times along the way. She is still doing more each day, but not as rapid as the previous month. For instance, Jenny has been able to play games on the computer using a mouse. A few days ago it was highly emotional and unproductive, but she has now become functional, yet slow, at using the mouse. She will win a game of Mahjongg, but it takes an hour rather than a few minutes. Tonight, she was able to point and click her way to read e-mails. Jenny has become more emotional lately but her emotions will still tend to be inconsistant with how she really feels or the situation.

A nice progression has been the increased desire of the the children to want to interact with Jenny. They fight over who sits in her lap or lays down next to her. Sophia thinks Jenny is her own personal play thing. She can be really sweet as she brings over cups of water because she claims Jenny told her she was thirsty. I typically save Jenny before she drowns or gets too wet. I can not save Jenny from getting dressed up in jewelry. All the kids will help do range of motion exercises with thier mom when they see her resting. They usually encourage her and praise her efforts, and are typically gentle. Through the infinate wisdom of children, Jenny gets plastered with band aids because we all were taught as children that band aids fix everything.


  1. Mark, you write so well! We really enjoy reading how things are going. I look every day to see what is new. We are always so happy to hear that things are moving along for Jenny. I can just see the kids dressing you up in jewelry, giving you drinks, putting on band-aids…AND fighting over who gets to be with Mom, Jenny. I hope you are getting photos, Mark, because some day they will be priceless for both parents and kids. We are excited for this weekend when we can hear the Prophet and others. I always find solace and wisdom to deal with my own problems when I listen to conference. We also hope you are enjoying beautiful weather outside there, like we are here. Go out and enjoy the smells and the feel in the air!!! We love you and our prayers continue daily for you. Uncle Dee and Aunt Lois Ann

  2. Mark and Jenny…I am glad to hear that the kids are doing well and are willing to help Jenny with first aide tool. I think that is so cute.
    Progress in an everyday normal situation has it’s ups and downs, so Jenny, keep your head up…it will quicken again soon.
    In Love and Faith

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