Oct 9, 2004

Jenny seems to be telling me that she has had many more more good days lately. We are trying to get out more and she still is getting stronger. She played Yatzee Jr with Zach again and I was amazed at how much better she was able to pick things up. We still work on getting her to lift her arm up to her head. If she has an itch, it seems to get there with some effort. Otherwise, she still needs help when doing exercises. I still give her snacks like soft candies and popcorn, which seem to motivate her to want to lift her arm. I only need to give a little help for these exercises. It seems to be helping her with her chewing as well.

We started an addition on our house shortly after Jenny came home and it seem likeit might be done soon. It took forever, but Jenny will now have a real room and a roll-in shower. I will not have to carry her upstairs for a shower any more. We think that by the end of next week it will be done (much later than it was suppose to be).

One comment

  1. Jenny and Mark-
    It sounds like everything is going so well. I have not see your mom or your brothers in a few weeks. But everytime I see them they tell me about all of your wonderful progress.
    I am gls to hear about your addition almost being done. I think that will help the normal flow of things at home. My friend Dennis loves his roll in shower.
    I love hearing that your arms are getting stronger. What a gift it is that you are able to eat the popcorn and the smaller candies. I think you are doing so wonderfully.
    I think that we all have a lot to think about when it comes to your strength and grace. My husband and I were talking about this the other night, we know we would figure all of these tough decisions out, but neither of us are sure how. Not to mention, that I may have givin up a long time ago. We think you are such and inspiration, and when we think about not following through and giving up, we think of you for a moment and everything ges in to perspective. You have such a task ahead and I bet you are facing that task everyday head strong and united with your family and the Heavenly Father.
    God Bless you all
    In Love and Faith

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