Sept 7, 2004

I am excited about Jenny’s hard work and steady progress lately. We had both sets of parents (and Mike & Leora) with us this weekend, which was good for Jenny- and the kids loved working two sets of grandparents. The kids have started doing arm wrestling with Jenny because they win every now and then. This means that Jenny has gained enough strength in that movement to hold back the kids. Her right arm is ever improving and there is a little strength that I have noticed to increase the past couple weeks. Jenny is now working with a speech therapist and Jenny is still without much voice improvements- even since the trache removal. On occassion, Jenny has voiced “uh, huh” as she has nodded. Last Saturday, she even said the word, “no” when she was telling me “no” with her head. The trouble with working on speech is that she wants that the most and she gets so frustrated that she cries and can not speak if she wanted to.

Jenny had a wonderful experience at church as she joined both the Jr and Sr Primary children as they prepared for their music program. At the end, they gave her a quilt with blocks consisting of pictures from each of the children to Jenny. It was an emotional, but great day for her.

One comment

  1. Jenny it is so great to hear how well you are doing! Prayers and all your hard work are paying off. You are so strong. One thing I’ve known about you over all these years is that if you want something bad enough you are going to do whatever you have to to get it. Whatever you put your mind to and have Faith it will come. We love you and are thinking about you always.
    The Henrie’s

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