Sept 9, 2004

Jenny’s therapists would agree that each time they have come the past few weeks, there has been noticable improvements. Jenny has improved in eating and drinking. She has taken her meal time fluids and solids by mouth – even though the drinking process is still a bit slow. Eating is as quick as I can give her food. Drinking use to be a process of a few drops at a time. It quickly progressed to half a medicine dropper full and in a matter of days, Jenny can take a full dropper of fluids. Technically, Jenny does not need the feeding tube to sustain life. Her meds could be easily swallowed since she swallows many of her foods in large bits anyhow.

I taped an alphabet to Jenny’s wheel chair tray and she is able to point to letters in the alphabet with the aid of a little ball bearing roller under her forearm. Computer programs are still out of reach since her vision is still hazy. Jenny has become able to raise her hand to her nose to scratch or to rub her eyes. I told her I would be impressed if she could pick her nose, but I am actually highly excited about this new movement. As usual, we had a little celebration. This time, we had a competition to see who could go the longest without scratching thier nose while I was tickleing their noses with a feather. Jessie was the winner and earned the grand prize.

My father and I came home with a couple new exercise machines/gadgets that Jenny was not too pleased with. The physical therapist was highly in favor of them, but it took Jenny a day or so to give in. It is just so nice to see her do new motions and more of them. She is getting stronger in her shoulders and the ability to lift her hand to her face is an indication of her hard work.


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