Sept 15, 2004

Now that Jenny has found significant movement in her right arm, she is experinecing a joy far beyond what I am able to describe. She actually doing what I have been waiting for these past 6 months and using her movements for self help skills. These skills are at the begining stage, bit I see her adjust her glasses, rub her eyes, helps me with getting her dressed, and hugs the kids as they sit on her lap. The kids miss doing active stuff with Jenny so I had Zach play Yatzee Jr with her. Jenny could shake and roll the dice from the cup and I helped with keepig score. Jenny will laugh and cry at the same time she is able to do these new and different things because she is so happy. As for Zach, there could not have been anything in this world that he would have wanted to do more than to play a game with his mom (and get beat 3 times in a row).

Jenny has also demonstrated voluntary movement in her left arm by turning her wrist back and forth. One of her new exercise machines is a reclining stationary bike. After one week on it, Jenny appeared to push the pedal on her own. I placed her right leg so it was ready for a downward push and Jenny would hold it until I told her to push. After doing this a few times, I had her do the same with the left leg. She had similar control. We put this together and she was almost able to make a complete revolution with the pedals without help.

Just to be clear, all of her movements are wonderful, but very limited. Where she does have functional movement in her right arm, it is weak and shakey. After a couple movements, she is as worn out as if she ran a marathon. It is so very exciting to see her improve as she has.


  1. That is such good news! Keep up the good work, Jenny. I’m sure you’ll keep finding new things to do with your increased mobility. We all look forward to seeing your progress!
    Love, Maria

  2. Games can be great therapy. With Steve visiting today, I hope they are able to play a game. It would be right up his alley and would be good competition. I will also look forward to a good game with Jenny. We love all of you.


  3. There is a saying, “You must must crawl before you can walk and you must walk before you can run.” Sounds like Jenny is making great strides in her accomplishment towards increased mobility. It is wonderful to hear about her progress and your sweet family’s efforts. Our prayers continue to be with you all!

    Our best,
    Paula & Lacy Croft and family

  4. Jenny-
    What wonderful and exciting progress. I amm so glad that these movements are slowly coming together for you. Games are the best for therpy and I tell you what, I bet Zach and the kids have to be so thrilled.
    I hoep you all contiue to do well…
    I Love and Faith

  5. How terrific and wonderful and awesome that you are making such progress with voluntary movements!! I check this website every time I’m online, and am always so glad to read of your hard work and great accomplishments! I had a super time out in Oregon visiting Ranell and her family; her beautiful little boy Michael was born 8/28 (the day after my birthday!) and they are all so happy and healthy. They are building a new house and should get to move in around Thanksgiving. It’s good to be home again, too–keep up the great work, Jenny AND Mark–you both are incredible examples of hard work, perseverance, and JOY!! LOVE ALWAYS, TAMI 🙂

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