Aug 29, 2004

Sunday is a favorite day for Jenny since I do not make her do much when it comes to therapies. I did give her the assignment to wave to anyone who said hello to her at church- which she did. Her waves started out pretty good with her lifting her forearm and do the “elbow-elbow, wrist-wrist” move. It was slow, and a bit delayed, but beautiful none the less. She has really started working the larger muscle movements on her own. I often see her doing repetative movements as she is in her chair or in bed. Jenny has been a bit more depressed this past week, but I have also seen her work harder than ever before.


  1. Wanted to say hello to you guys. Jenny I’m glad you are still improving healthwise. Simeon really misses Zach and wants to know when they can play together again soon. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, but I’ve been so busy with work and getting the kids back situated in school that I’ve failed to call or come by. Even though I don’t call or come by, please know that this is not an indication of what I’m thinking concerning you and your family. You have a beautiful family and I’m happy that we got to be neighbors and our sons are such good buddies. I’ll try to call sometime this week to schedule a play date for the boys.

    God blessings always,


  2. Jenny, I am SO bummed I missed your wave yesterday at church! Cheri told me about it later in the day, and I kept trying to get over to say hello, but just missed you.

    During my 6 weeks in Utah, you remained at the front of my thoughts and prayers. I checked the website almost daily to hear of your progress. We are so blessed to know you and to see your beautiful example of patience and trust in the Lord.

    Thank you for that. We will truly miss your family when we leave at the end of this month, but will continue to check your progress and remember you in our prayers.

    We love you,
    Vanessa Croshaw and family

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