Aug 27, 2004

The focus of Jenny’s therapies have been to incorporate daily living skill movements in her therapies. She has a number of strong movements, but still not yet able to do self help skills. However, Jenny is so very close to being able to do many of these things. I have been somewhat disaapointed by a lack of significant progress these past couple of weeks. I suppose so many changes occured at once that the lack of huge change (such as trache removal) makes it seem like there has been little or no change. Upon closer look at Jenny’s progress, she has had great increase in her core strength. Once realizing this, we worked with the therapists and tried more aggressive therapies. We had tried many of these therapies before with great pain to Jenny or lack of strength to do them. This go around Jenny was able to easily do these exercises that she could not do just a month ago.

Eating is better and Jenny takes in 2 of her three meals a day orally. She could eat a third meal, but we tend to give her a liquid diet through her G-tube to make sure she ges enough nutrients and liquids. She is taking water much better orally, but it is a slow process. Jenny is also sitting in her wheel chair less each day. She is sitting on high back chairs, the couch, rockers etc… more and she still requests that she sit up in the front van by me- which is more than fine if you ask me. We do more standing exercises too, but the overall thing is that she still needs support to do these things at this time. Speech is a big concern of ours since that is what Jenny wants the most. We will try speech therapy again and see what happens. Finally, Jenny was lowered in her meds again and she is doing quite well. She is always so happy to see another med dose go away.


  1. Hi guys! Jenny, it’s very encouraging to hear that your strength has improved so much to bump you up to a new level of intensity on the exercises! Mark, thanks for keeping us posted on Jenny’s progress. I check the website regularly, in hopes of news. Hunter and Haven rarely say a prayer where they don’t ask God to “heal Zach’s mom.” We think of you all often! Love, Sharon & Will

  2. Jenny and Family….
    I am so glad to hear that you are sitting in other things besides tour chair. I think that is great for the mind and body.
    I know that right now, your progress might seem slowed, but you have to catch up with yourself on the progress and strides you have recently made.
    I think that you are such a wonderful exapmle of faith hope and love. You have truely been an inspiration, and together I know that the two of you with your family can do anything.
    In love and Faith

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