Aug 21, 2004

Jenny’s progress keeps improving, but she has a few set backs every now and then. Earlier in the week, Jenny was suffering from horrible pelvic contractions/spasms that turned out to be related to a blocked catheter. Once the problem was discovered, she went back to normal. It brought back the memories of her earlier times at the hospital and it was difficult to see because there is so little I can do to help with this pain. Jenny has been able to interact with family by way of video over the internet. Previously, we put the phone to her ear and someone had to listen and tell the speaker when Jenny blinked “yes” and “no”. Now, Jenny can nod to to answer questions and has more of a feeling of independence. Plus, she is able to see people like her new nephew in something other than a still picture. Technology sure has made life more enjoyable for her and I imagine than 5-10 years ago that many things she is able to do would not have been available- which gives hope for what will come in the next 5-10 years.


  1. I love reading your site. Every time I do, I learn some new thing that Jenny is doing. Thank goodness for all this technology. It is so great that you can ALL communicate with the video on the computer now. We love you guys. Aunt LA and Uncle D

  2. Jenny…
    Video phones and a really shower. How fun and exciting. I am glad to hear that the spelling board is helping. I think that this will definatly help the process. I m sorry to hear that Missy is gone. But I am sure that everyone else will be a help like I know she was.
    Keep up the good work, Jenny.
    God Bless the rest of the family too!
    Stay well!
    In Love and Faith

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