July 12, 2004

Zach had his 7th birthday today and I was hoping it would be a good experience for Jenny despite being the first birthday of one of her children since her stroke (did I mention that the kids’ birthdays are the most important holidays to Jenny and she really gets into them?). Jenny insised that I made the cake despite several very capable people offered to do it for us. Jenny eventualy admitted that she did not want anyone making a better cake than her. I am not sure how I am suppose to take that, but the cake was great. I admit that Jenny would have done it better, but I used star tips and character cake pans and all. Jenny cried only once at the party and that was during the singing of “Happy Birthday”. I am sure she wanted to sing to her son. She told me the other day that singing is something she misses most- more than walking or moving her arms. Unfotunately, it is the one thing she does not show any improvement on. Jenny eats better these days. She pretty much eats what we eat for dinner with little or no alterations to it. Chewing is still a problem, so I guess it is lucky I am use to cooking for young children who don’t chew so well so our menu does not ave to change much to accomodate Jenny. I see new movments in her arms and legs that are larger extensions of smaller movements. She is usually able to repeat them at least once more if I ask her to do so.


  1. Glad to hear that Jenny did well at Zach’s party. It was a big day. Mark – acceptable job on the cake. Nothing like Jenny’s masterpieces, I’m sure, but you did alright. 🙂 Our best to all of you!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am sure it means so much to Zach that you were able to be with him for his birthday, Jenny. I am sure that Dad’s cake was not as good as yours would have been, but your love is in there too!
    I am glad to hear tha you are continuing to do well.
    Mark- it sounds like the birthday went well and I am glad that you are all able to spend the special day together.
    Take care!
    In love and Faith

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