July 9, 2004

Jenny had family in town to visit again and it always seems to go better when new faces are here that she enjos seeing. Jenny tries harder in therapies and is happier. We tired letting Jenny sit cross legged on the floor with only her arms holding herself up. Her torso was strong and when she felt herself falling, she reacted by locking her arms and catching herself. Her neck still wants to pull to the left and so she fights this movement while she tries to balance herself and remember to swallow all at the same time. She was able to sit by herself for 30-5 seconds with no help and for several minutes with slight readjustments. She gets stronger in her neck and torso each day that we work on it. There has not been any new movements, but the old ones get a little stronger each day. Again, none of her movements in themselves are capable of performing any self help tasks at this time, but she is getting so close to making this happen..

One comment

  1. chills, chills, chills, and more chills. Wonderful!!! For me this is incredible. Since it has been a while since last being with you. I try to picture it in my head your progress, while thinking the whole time “you go girl!”

    I’m impressed with all your hard work you are both doing. It’s paying off. I’m sure a lot more than any of us will ever know.

    Love, Margot

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