July 8, 2004

Therapies today introduced more difficult movements to Jenny’s routine. I have really been working on her neck control and strength lately, which seems to be paying off. I am excited to see more deliberate movements that appear to have more control. I really think Jenny is doing well. Jenny is feeling better baout her situation. We read through various verses of scripture relating to trials and tribulation, and she was comforted by the examples of those in the scriptures who have overcome and grown to be better people. I think she appreciated most the references to being helped and supported by her Heavenly Father during these times. Jenny has always been faithful and strong in her religious convictions throughout this ordeal.

On a side note, she apparently has raised he bar concerning when she will give me sympathy. At one time I had to give birth to a child, but she has demonstrated she is tougher than me on a whole new level.


  1. Hi, Jenny and Mark,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I love you both and that I am pulling for you! I had a dream about you the other night. I went to a park with my kids. We saw your children playing, so of course we went to see them. Missy came up to me and told me that you were nearby and that I should see you. I went to where she indicated, and there you were, Jenny, standing next to your wheelchair, and bearing your testimony to all who would listen. I never saw a more shining countenance. Mark, you looked so proud, which I know you are. Thanks for your inspiring posts.
    Love, Maria

  2. Dear Jenny and Mark and Family,

    I am always inspired after reading one of your posts Mark. What a blessing to have you in Jenny’s life. Jenny, I remember when you were a little girl when we lived in your parent’s ward in Arlington Heights. You always had the confidence and ability that you needed to do whatever you were trying to do. Now with that same special something that you have you continue to overcome your hurdles. I’m sorry that some days are down days for you, but hey, we ALL get those even if we don’t have a stroke. It just goes to show how truly special you are.

    Everyone is so proud of you and pulling for you. You have the spunk necessary to beat this illness. Our family thinks about you often and we have you in our prayers daily. Continue to work hard. With such a wonderful family that you have, YOU WILL BEAT IT.

    God Speed,
    The Crofts
    Lacy, Paula and Family

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