July, 14, 2004

Due to the generosity of a couple families who have offered the use of their pools for Jenny’s rehab, we have tried out aqua therapy with Jenny. Jenny was naturally scared to try, but anxious to see what being in water could do. I have to look at things from her prespective at times and realize how frightening it is to do something as simple as go into a pool. After a few minutes of reassurance, Jenny burst into tears- the good kind. She was able to move muscles that she could not do so before and she felt less restricted and free from having to lay down. She did not want to get out when it was time. Jenny is also moving new muscles in her arms and legs as she is resting between therapies. I try to watch and see what is moving so I can start working that new movement. There is still not enough of one moevment to allow her any ability to perform self help tasks, but she is getting so very close.


  1. Yea Jenny!!!!! I am so happy the water worked out! That has just got to feel wonderful to get movements out of muscles that you haven’t been able to move in four months! What bliss!

    My family sure loves seeing you at church. Shane, our autistic son, asked about you the first time he saw you. After explaining what you had been through and how far you’ve come, he watches you so closely every Sunday and shows real emotion at any progress you are making (as Mark can tell you, that is a really hard thing for autistic kids!)

    We love you so much, Jenny and Mark.

    Each time I hear Jenny cry, I look over and see Mark with a tissue gently and lovingly wiping the tears from your face. I choke up every time I witness that depth of love coming from him.

    Know that you are in our prayers and hearts.


  2. Jenny, what a wonderful blessing, the ability to do aqua therapy. I don’t know much about it but it wounds like it just might open doors to more and more movement for you.
    I am so glad for you.
    You are such an inspiration
    God Bless
    In Love and Faith

  3. Jenny, I’m so happy that the aqua therapy is beneficial! What a fun way to do therapy! I really admire you for all your hard work. You’ve come so far…you are remarkable! You are always in my thoughts and I pray for you and your family.
    I can’t wait to hear or read about the next improvement you make…You can do it sweetie! Take care!

    Jennifer DeLong

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