June 30, 2004

Jenny has definately changed from constant crying/emotional outbursts to laughing fits. Both are typical effects of her stroke, but the laughing is so much more enjoyable. Jenny is getting stronger in her trunk and neck. I sat her in a rocker and a glider chair and she sat so well. I moved the glider down to the main floor so she could use it more. She also is able to sit and support her trunk and neck for several seconds if not more. Jenny is working so hard that by evening time she is truely wiped out. The physical therapist took her wheel chair leg supports off and Jenny began swinging her right leg from side to side with quite a bit of force. It appears that Jenny discovered this movement and had been waiting for a chance to show it off, She can also lift her knees a little, when helped. She pretty much can move anything with a little help.

I took Jenny on a date to see Harry Potter in the theatres. I was well prepared, but a few obstacles popped up. This was one of the first times we went out where we were totally by ourselves. I had to use the restroom, but realized I did not know what to do with Jenny. I could not take her with me, and I did not want to leave her in the hall alone. Aside from waiting to use the bathroom until I was home, it was a great date. I was greatly aware of how accessible buildings were due to my social work background and having a double stroller for all these many years. It is just a bit more difficult because Jenny and I had each other to hold doors and help over curbs.


  1. It is so good to come to this site and hear the wonderful progress Jenny is making. Everyone is praying for your family. Mark you are a strong, caring husband, loving too! Jenny, continue to work towards your complete recovery. You are making great strides. Remember everyone is pulling for you. God speed!

    Lacy & Paula Croft & Family

  2. Jenny….Movies are the best…when we go with Dennis, we get to go in first. That way you get to pick the very best sets in th house. Do you get to do that?
    I am so excited for the two of you that you got to go out on a date…with out anyone else. It is nice to take a break from the grind at home.
    Mark, what a great idean..a movie!!!!!!!!!
    Jenny I am so glad that you are really focusing on therapy and movement. It is so important for your improvment. I think you are doing great and I hope your health continues.
    God Bless you All.
    In love na dFaith

  3. Jenny & Mark,

    Jenny, keep up the good work and Mark, thanks for keeping us up to date on Jenny’s progress. Jenny, when you were in YW, you were always giving hugs, well we are sending hugs to you now! Our prayers are with you all!

    Bonnie & Rich Miller

  4. 04 July 2004

    Hi, Mark & Jenny: We met Wally & Connie in a zone conference in Kuala Lampur in 1999. We were serving in Penang, West Malaysia, at that time. We finished our calling in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia, July of 2000. We treasure our association with Wally and Connie. They are great people.

    We were not aware of Jenny’s situation until a few days ago. We want you to know your family will be included in our prayers and we know that through your faith and the prayers of many, Heavenly Father will bless and lead you in your present trials.

    Love to you,

    Kent & Betty Broadhead – Taylorsville, Utah

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