June 27, 2004

Jenny has a couple new movements today. She has spent most of the day pulling her right leg in while in a sitting position. I watched as she practised this for almost an hour, which is pretty good considering that she has not used this muscle in 3 months. Jenny was given the task of being up in her chiar more than in bed, and she has definately met that goal. She is now to the point that she can stay out of her bed all day long. Jenny is determined to get her back storng enough to sit up on her own. Jenny still has frequent episodes where she cries constantly for little or no reason. Today, I had to take her out of sunday school for laughing. These are two things that she has little or no control over and it frustrates her.


  1. Jenny it sounds like you are doing great. You’re progress is incredible. You are such a strong woman. I am so glad you are able to get back to church. You are continually in our prayers. Keep up the good work and tell Mark we said Hi. Love, The Henries

  2. Jenny and Family, I so enjoy reading about your progress and what a strong person you are. School is out for the summer so my 5th grade class is not here to talk with about you… there were always 4 or 5 that would bring up your name each day to pray for…. they are such good kids.

    Anyway…. it makes me wonder why things happen…. and lately I’ve been feeling a little down about my financial situation (teaching and being a single parent is not easy) but when I think of you and your family and the trials you are going through it makes me feel lucky. So thank you for affecting my life in a positive way.

    Susan Armbruster
    All Saints School
    Puyallup, WA

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