July 4, 2004

Jenny continues to get stronger and more able to endure her therapies. We have not been as aggressive or tried many new therapies, but Jenny looks great in what she is able to do. She went with us to see Spiderman last week and it was great to go to the movies as a family, and with the help of her sister Missy. The kids are feeling more comfortable around Jenny and her health. Appearantly, Jessie thought her mom was “sick” to the point of being contageous. I explained that her condition was more of an injury than being sick and Jessie has been more comfortable with hugs and kisses.

Jenny has also been a little devilish by being part of numerous pranks that I pull on her siblings as they come to visit. I usually do these on my own, but Jenny is more than happy to be in on my plans and often reminds me to make sure I don’t forget to carry out our plans. I am afraid I have created a monster now when it comes to tricking people.

One comment

  1. Happy 4th!!!!!!!!!!! Did you get to enjoy it? I hope the weekend was relaxing for you.
    I m glad to hear you saw Spiderman. I saw it to. What did you think? I tought the movie was not as good as the first one. But it was alright.

    I hope that herapy is going well. It sounds like you are doing so well. I am so proud of you!
    Love you

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