Jenny came home today!

Jenny was discharged today with the intent to continue therapies at home with home based therapists and nurses. I dared not mention the possibility of her coming home with the possible outcome of her not being able to do so again. She still has her trache and all, but she is doing well. Her first day was quite overwhelming for me since it seemed like it was more difficult to juggle Jenny and the kids at the same time. I can not deligate the things like comfort and affection that is needed of a father and spouse, but I would not want to give those jobs up anyhow. We have a home health aid and the usualy cast and crew of the last few weeks which has made things better for Jenny and I. I assume that we all will get use to a schedule and make it work to where things are second nature. I am sure Jenny will enjoy her first nights sleep free of being woke up to see if she is sleeping okay.


  1. Mark, Jenny and kids —

    I am glad you are together as a family in your home again. I know there is great joy in your hearts to be together again. I pray you will have great therapists and caregivers to help you continue on your road to recovery. I know you will work out the logistics of the balancing act – this is no small task – Mark, I know you will soon see what can be delegated and what you need to do – We are all praying for you each and every day.

    Take care –

  2. Congrats!! We are so thrilled to hear that you are home!! Much love Harry and Whit and all the rest of the Ak Bellistons!!

  3. Hi Jenny and Mark!

    I know you’re coming home is a blessing for all of your sweet family, but as you said, Mark, it can be somewhat overwhelming. My dad didn’t realize all that was going to be expected of him when he brought mom home after her stroke . . and she was able to speak and move her right side. . . SO, please, if you need any more help (I know your family is helping), please call me.

    Jenny, I can only imagine how much better you feel being home. It is wonderful news to hear you have some movement in your hands. Your ward family is always thinking of you, and the Lord knows that we all want a speedy recovery for you. Your progress has been amazing to me and your strength and courage. Mark, it’s wonderful to see how much you love the Lord, Jenny and your little ones. Your lives are a blessing to all of us who see it as “faith in action”. LOL Grace

  4. Welcome home Jenny!!!

    You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers, along with Mark, the kids, and all of your extended family.

    God Bless You All!

    Ann and Bruce

  5. WELCOME HOME JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What and exciting day. I hope you enjoyed your first night at home. I am sure that just the fact that you can hear and smell and see things you know, will help that much more. What a blessing to have you home. I think that you ate making wonderful strides. Stick with your therapies…they are so important for everyone.
    Give Missy my love…..I think of her often as well. I fell like it has been forever since I’ve seen her.
    Keep up the GREAT work Mark! You are so strong!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God Bless you ALL!
    In Love and Faith

  6. Jenny,

    You are HOME!!! Keep getting better. I love you. Kage

    I bet your family is excited. ’cause I know I am excited. Love, Jake

    I am so excited your home. My Mom told me to always find someone who is a good example and a true hero to look up to. You know you are the one I chose, and I am glad I did. I feel so relieved that I can now picture you at home, where you will get better. Love, JO

  7. Jenny and Mark,

    We’re so happy to hear that you’ve hit this milestone. Keep getting better! We hope to see you soon.

    We got the Easter picture of the kids that Missy sent and we both thought it was really cute. Marcie said to be sure and tell you that we thought the white gloves on the girls was an especially nice touch. 😉

  8. YAY!!! So glad Jenny got to come home! Mark, we missed you at Field Day yesterday…but thanks for sending a sub. 🙂 Our continued prayers for you both.

    Will & Sharon Swanson

  9. Mark and Jenny and Kids,

    YEA! I’m so happy for you. CALL if you need ANYTHING!

    Diana Reynolds

  10. We are so happy to hear that Jenny is back home.
    -The Greens, Jared, Melanie, Hannah and Noah

  11. Mark and Jenny,

    The Hurley’s are very happy to hear that Jenny is home! I’m sure these first few days will a little overwhelming until you get your routine in place. Call us for anything! And Mark, remember, call Howard if you need your grass cut! Shannon says so. So it must be so.:)

    Love you all,

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