May 20, 2004

I dare not try to give an estimated discharge date, but I think it will be soon. Jenny’s health has improved and she is getting stronger. We see definate movements in both hands, but mostly in her right hand where she can move her thumb and now her pointer finger at any time. She recieved Botox shots in her neck and ankles to relieve the muscle tension that causes those parts of her body to turn abnormally because of constant spasms due to any sort of stressor. She is not pleased with the doctors who did not tell her how long the needle would be. As I watched, I even expected the needle to come out the other side. She was brave though. I can tell that Jenny needs to come home and be with the family. She has been gone so long and I notice that she is resisting therapy at times. Perhaps things will improve once therapy resumes at home. She still has her trache and other tubes, but hopes to get them out soon- most likely not before going home. Her respiratory health looks as good as ever though, so it should not be too long.


  1. My husband and I lived in the Arlington Heights Ward 20 years ago and knew the Yachtman family. We were directed to this website by a friend who is still in that ward. I come to this site on a regular basis to check on Jenny, who sang so sweetly in Primary when I was the chorister those many years ago in that ward. I am greatly moved, emotionally and spiritually, each time I read about Jenny’s struggles and progress. Mark’s devotion to her and the children is a lesson in love, and a marvelous lesson it is. Thank you for sharing and teaching us all. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

    Maureen and Bob Brock (now living in Vancouver, Washington)

  2. Hi Jenny & Mark
    Our oldest daughter Chryssa (Jones) has moved back to Indy and her son Alex is in Zach’s 1st grade class…how great is that! We smiled at reading the comments on getting ready for Zach’s party and at Jenny’s good early shopping! If you need a few extra hands, we’ll be there…just let us know what you need! Hoping you have a sunny day today. Love and hugs! Lexi

  3. Mark & Jenny,

    So wonderful to hear the great news! I know that once you get home Jenny, you will be able to relax enough and be able to work harder to gain the use of her muscles. Jenny, as a little girl you were so fully of energy. With your wonderful husband and your families support – you WILL get better. We are so proud of you and want you to know we continue to pray for your full recovery and for your whole family. God speed!

    Lacy & Paula Croft

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