May 1, 2004

Jenny has completed her first week of more intense rehab. I see her fighting the pain and discomfort during all of her treatments. She spelled out that she is tired of tests. I do not blame her. I hate seeing her tremble each time they say she needs a new MRI or x-ray.

During therapy, she grits and bears the pain. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest pain), Jenny reports feeling a “9”, but will still allow the therapy to continue. I think I need to sew on cape on her clothes since she is my new super hero. Her pelvis or tail bone has been hurting her, so the harder therapy tables are even more uncomfortable. We had a better afternoon as she ate foods for pleasure and she laughed at the jokes that her mom and my sister were throwing out. They ended up with a chick flick before bed, so Jenny was in heaven for a few hours today.


  1. Hi, Jenny, Mark and kids – –

    I’m familiar with Hook Rehab Hospital – I know they do marvelous things there – and I also know the therapy is rigorous – if not downright grueling. I know that many families and patients feel the therapy is worth the pain – and have achieved great results – I know you are all well educated about how this is going to go and I know that you have the strength, both physical and spiritual, to endure. Tomorrow is Fast Sunday and we will get you some more of that strength!

    I found another web site that you might want to check out. this man was a young professional boxer and had a stroke that left him locked in. His wife did much the same as you are doing with the on line journal. It spans about 2 years or so. I haven’t read all of it yet – only the first couple of entries and the last entry – his progress is super – I intend to read all of the entries over time – I hope I’m not leading you into something that isn’t of value – but by reading the first few and the last one – it seems like it is a wonderful story of recovery.

    Take care

  2. Dear Jenny & Mark & Family,
    It’s late tonight, but after reading your update I just had to write to let you know that we have all been here, for you, from the start of this journey. All of our family, and we are sure that the same goes for EVERYONE who knows you, are Cheering you all on! We love you and pray for you constantly, thinking about how you are doing throughout each day. The children, especially, want to know how you are and check the web site daily…thank you Mark for making the time to write us all.

    Jenny, we are so grateful for the FANTASTIC improvements and want to add our HOORAY for each one! YOU ARE OUR INSPIRATION!

    Mark, please let us know whatever we can do to help…whatever it is. For example, I don’t know if you know it but Frank signed on for Scout camp for the whole week (Harrison’s age group), to help along with Bob…so you don’t need to worry about those scouts in that regard. So there! So when you think of something, JUST LET US KNOW and we’ll be there. I know you’ll let us know when Jenny would be up to some more company!

    We love you! Lexi, Frank, Ginea, Harrison and Dalyn (now Mrs. Michael Roney…since April 2nd in the Dallas Temple!)

  3. Jenny and Mark,

    I have been chcking your web sight every so often and am greatful to Heavenly Father that you are doing so well. I know that it can be scary, but just remember that we are all praying for you and cheering you on. Damon misses you at Primary and hopw to be able to come and see you when you are up to it. You are on my mind a lot!! Ask them for Ice Cream!! It always makes me feel better!!

    Hopes and Prayers for you all!!
    Lori, JR, Damon, Christian, Hunter and Ryan

  4. Mark & Jenny,

    I want you to know how much I adore your children. They have been so inspiring to me as I learn “the ropes” to being the Primary Chorister. They sing so boldly and know every word to every song.

    The Primary kids never cease to amaze me! The Seniors have learned all 4 verses of “I Feel My Savior’s Love” and the Juniors will be working on verse 2 this week. I feel such a strong Spirit as I prepare my teaching each week, and especially when I hear those sweet children sing! The opening song this Sunday was “He Sent His Son” and the kids were struggling with the words when I rushed in late, but as soon as I held up your red folder with the coordinating pictures, it all came back and they sang beautifully (They’re definitely at a 5 on that one, thanks to you!)

    Your name is mentioned every Sunday in one way or another, so please know that the children love you and are praying for your family!

    It’s always a joy to see you at church, and I wish we had more time to visit. Thank you, Mark, for sharing of Jenny’s progress each night. I check the site daily and can’t wait to hear of new breakthroughs.

    We love you!
    Vanessa, Andrew, Grant, Faith & Clark Croshaw

  5. Jenny, I just wanted you to know that your friends on the Primary music email list are praying for you and thinking of you. We miss you on the list and look forward to the time when you’ll be able to be back sharing your fabulous ideas with us.

  6. Hi Jenny, Family and Friends,
    I am hoping to have Jenny see for herself that her hard work will pay off. I myself was locked-in 7 years ago. I have been contacted by Juli and a family member. I had to stop reading the website it brought tears to my eyes, as I understand the pain she is going. I want her to know there is hope for a good recovery. It will be a long, slow process. But there is a light at the end. After 5 years I was recovered enough to get a car a start driving again. My son was 2 1/2 at the time of my stroke so I re-learned everything right along with my son. I would love to follow your progress and can with the website. I have a network of on-line stroke survivors that I would like to send your website to if I get an O.K. to do so. I would like to be here to support all family and friends also. It is hard for everyone.

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