May 4, 2004

Jenny continues to struggle with pain in her body due to involuntary muscle movements. We all treasure the moments when she appears to be comfortable and happy. Jenny has work well with making sounds recently. She often mouths words she wants to say, and I have noticed (after her mom pointed it out) that Jenny mouths words to songs that she listens to. For some reason, she does best at producing sound following a stimulation like laughing. Unfortunately, the thing that made her laugh the most was when she spit up at me on accident (so she claims).

Jenny is able to sit longer (2-3 hours) in an upright position and her tone in her neck and upper body get better every day. Some parts of her body are becoming more stiff, but we are trying to work out those bugs. She also seems to be getting sore muscles that are being worked in therapy. We had accessability designers and therapists from the rehab come to the house to see what needs done to get Jenny set up to come home. The house looks pretty good, but needs to add a roll-in shower. However, Jenny could come home at pretty much any time, as far as the house goes.


  1. I hope she can come home soon, keep up the good work!! Keep her laughing so she can have the pleasure of singing, as I know it is one of her joys. We miss you at work Mark, Pam

  2. Hello – Not sure if you got the message I left yesterday. I am a 5th grade teacher at a Catholic School in Puyallup, Washington. I have CAH – so through the CAH website is how I learned about Jenny. I told my students this morning about Jenny and we will be praying daily for Jenny and your family. We also pray the rosary every Tuesday (Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament) and will raise you all up during that time as well. We have a book of intentions that sits at the foot of the altar during that time. I will write Jenny and your family down in the book.

    Just know as a mother I can’t imagine what this must be like for your family. Know that with God all things are possible and prayer heals.

    Our thoughts and prayers are will you all.

    Susan Armbruster

  3. PS – I’d like to show my students the picture of your family…. so they know who they are praying for… I can’t find the picture you had posted earlier – can you help me find where it is on the website?

  4. I tried posting something a minute ago and it never posted, I won’t write everything I wrote earlier, but just wanted to say, ‘things seem to be looking up!’ with your talk of getting your house ready to bring Jenny home. That is wonderful news! We hope she is able to come home soon! Mark you seem to have a great strength of character. We are proud of you and Jenny’s and your courage. Jenny is a fighter and comes from a wonderful family who knows the value of hard work and it will pay off! Jenny will continue to be in our prayers. May Heavenly Father continue to pour blessings down upon Jenny and your family.

    All our best,
    Lacy & Paula Croft

  5. My name is Scott, KAT’S son. I am 9 years old:
    My mom has come a long way with her therapy though the years. Now she drives so now she can take me places. She had her stroke when I was
    2 1/2 years old. I think you can get better too. As being a kid I am here to support any kid question. And will write to the kids.

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